How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

In this brief study, we will answer the question, “how long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?” and will also address the time taken to complete the process to recover the crown from the stool.

How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

Your crown would have produced a slight bump in your neck even if the post was still connected, as it made its way down your esophagus and out your other side. Since a conventional crown and post are tiny in comparison to the tubes and tunnels in your body, this is the case.

The crown and cap will pass through your stomach, small intestine (which is about 2 inches broad), and large intestine undigested (about 3-4 inches wide and capable of passing some fairly huge items if required).

Please be patient as the process may take some time

You may need to be patient when your crown is being inserted since the odds of it flowing smoothly through you are very high. Keep in mind that the total length of your small and big intestines is about 25 feet. Food may reach your large intestine in 12-24 hours, but it may take up to a week, if not longer, for it to reach the crown of the digestive tract.

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How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

Notify your dentist as soon as possible after discovering the problem.

If you find yourself swallowing your dental crown, contact your dentist immediately. You should have your dentist take a dental x-ray regardless of how small the danger to your health seems to be to you. This will clear up any ambiguity about the position and condition of the lost crown, which had previously existed. Alternatively, you may just let nature take its course since the likelihood of problems is minimal in this case.

Crowns aren’t exactly inexpensive. In this case, it is virtually certain that you would want to recover your lost crown rather than pay for an expensive replacement. After using the restroom, carefully examine the area using rubber gloves, a hose, and a sieve or pail to ensure there are no contaminants. To make things even easier, disinfect your crown in a solution that contains three parts water to one part bleach before bringing it to your dentist. In the next step, your dentist will thoroughly clean it before readjusting it to its proper place.

Regurgitation of Contents of Stomach

Dental crowns are very costly, and the patient may attempt to retrieve the dental crown that was ingested. Recovery efforts for the swallowed dental crown are also a good investment of money. To avoid contamination of the sink, vomiting should be done in a dishpan or container. If you put it in the sink, it may drain. Following the restoration of the crown, it should be washed with ordinary household bleach. (1:10 bleach dilution for usage in the home)

It is necessary to see a doctor if a swallowed dental crown causes difficulties breathing and does not come loose via coughing. It may also be necessary to perform a tracheotomy or a cricothyroidotomy to remove the inhaled crown.

It is possible to recover dental crowns that have been swallowed in stools.

  • Make sure to tell your primary care physician about the situation. He may opt to get an X-ray to identify the route the crown will take and ensure proper transit since all nondigestible things consumed must pass through the digestive system to be eliminated. While the patient’s ingested crown is being recovered, the dentist may provide you with a temporary crown to wear until the procedure is completed.
  • With this one, you may start collecting your bowel motions. However, although it is improbable that your dental crown would pass through your system in less than 12 hours, taking a risk on swallowing a sturdy crown that will be expensive to repair is not an option. According to, it should be eliminated from your system after a week of ingestion.
  • Remove each bowel movement with two disposable plastic knives, smashing and chopping it as you go, being careful not to leave any big pieces where the crown may be lurking.
  • Identify the crown and wash it in a bleach solution, gently scraping away any residual debris from both the exterior and inside of the crown with an old toothbrush once it has been well cleaned.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist to have the crown reapplied. A fresh adhesive will be applied to the crown during your visit, which will be cleaned by your dentist.


In this brief study, we answered the question, “how long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?” and also addressed the time taken to complete the process to recover the crown from the stool.


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