How long does it take for tea tree oil to work on acne?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long does it take for tea tree oil to work on acne?”, and how to use tea tree oil for acne?

Read on to know more about the safety tips related to the application of tea tree oil on your skin. This article also includes a brief guide on some of the other uses of tea tree oil.

How long does it take for tea tree oil to work on acne?

It takes a long time of about 12 weeks for the tea tree to heal the acne on your skin. Once you use it properly knowing its benefits, you can get clearer skin within a few months.

It takes so long because your skin takes some time to get used to the new ingredients you are applying. Once it starts healing, it will work for a lifetime. 

How do researchers approve it?

The first research was done about 6 years ago in 2015. The scientist worked researched the benefits of tea tree oil for the skin. They found little evidence of tea tree oil being effective at treating acne.

One year later, detailed studies showed that tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that could be used in treating pimples, acne lesions, or scars.

In 2016, in another study, it was revealed that tea tree oil can also prevent sunburn. When used with the combination of resveratrol, it gave satisfying results. 

However, It wasn’t the main discover. With further investigation, they observed that the pores on the skin are healing, and there is also some kind of anti-bacterial activity, that can prevent acne in the future. 

In 2017, research was done on 14 volunteers. They applied tea tree oil to their skin twice a day, daily, for 12 weeks.

The astonishing result came showing that they recovered from acne and got less oily and clearer skin at the end of the research. 

It didn’t get that much fame due to very little participation of subjects. 

A study found combining aloe vera, propolis, and tea tree oil can also improve acne. Overall, the research says tea tree oil might help improve acne, but it’s not a cure-all.

How to apply tea tree oil on the skin?

It is often recommended to apply tea tree oil twice a day (once in the morning and then in the evening) daily for several weeks.

Once you have done the test and know that it is safe to use on your skin, you can apply it for up to 12 weeks straight without any side effects. 

Safety tips regarding the use of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is safe to use on the skin but you should never drink, ingest or swallow it.

Doing this could lead to serious complications in the body including confusion and ataxia; the loss of muscles strength in the body. 

If you accidentally get tea tree oil in your eyes, readily rinse your eyes with water otherwise it will cause redness, irritation, and soaring. 

If you have any kind of skin allergy issues, it is best to do a patch test first on a small area of your skin. 

Many people don’t have any issue with the application of diluted tea tree oil on their skin. But if you are allergic, it can lead to serious problems. 

When you apply oil on your skin and feel symptoms like itching, redness, swelling, or irritation. It is best to wash the part of the skin where you applied the tee tree oil and seek medical treatment. 

Other uses of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil may not be as effective as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for treating scars or acne but to some extent, it is effective, along with other treatments, for many other diseases.

Tea tree oil can be used in treating scabies, eczema, dandruff, nail fungus, and many other conditions. 

Side effects

Tea tree oil contains many allergic ingredients. So it is better for you to not use it if you are allergic to even one of the ingredients.

Pure and organic oils are very strong and their use could cause problems because of the concentration of ingredients. It is best to use it by diluting it with some oil or other compatible liquids.

Do not overuse it, it will take months to heal the acne. Overusing will lead to irritation only.


In this article, we answered the question “How long does it take for tea tree oil to work on acne?”, and how to use tea tree oil for acne?


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