How Long Does Homemade Chocolate Bark Last?

In this article, we will answer the question: how long does homemade chocolate bark last? We will go over the method to prepare the chocolate bark and also discuss the best chocolate to make the chocolate bark.

How long does chocolate bark last?

If the chocolate bark is stored properly in an airtight container, it will last for about 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. If the chocolate is left out of the refrigerator at room temperature, then it can last up to 5 days. These figures are for homemade chocolate bark and not for store-bought ones.

The ingredients inside the bark also affect its shelf life. For example, dried fruits last the longest. However, if the container is not air-tight, the nuts can oxidize and become rancid due to a reaction with oxygen in the air. Therefore it is best to ensure the container is airtight.

How to make a chocolate bark? 

It is pretty simple to prepare a delicious chocolate bark. All you need is some chocolate of your choice and toppings. The chocolate can be dark, milk, or white. 

The chocolate is melted. To melt the chocolate, you can utilize the microwave oven. If the oven is not available then it can be melted on a stove. 

After the chocolate is melted, it is transferred to a flat container to cool at room temperature. The cooling can be done in a refrigerator as well if one is short on time. 

Before the chocolate cools, sprinkle a mixture of toppings consisting of nuts on the top. When the bark hardens, it is ready for consumption.

Is tempering chocolate important for making bark?

Tempering is a method of making the chocolate smooth while it is melting. It is important to temper your chocolate if you want a smooth and silky chocolate bark. Tempering binds the molecules of melted chocolate that have been separated due to melting.

If the chocolate is not tempered, then the bark upon cooling can form unstable crystals of chocolate molecules. These crystals give a rough and dull appearance to the bark and are called fat blooms.

How to know if the chocolate bark has expired? 

Chocolate bark lasts with top quality for 2-3 weeks inside a refrigerator. The expiry time of a homemade chocolate bark depends on the  following factors:

  • Ingredients
  • Storage method

If the chocolate bark consists of ingredients that can go bad after some time, like fresh fruits, nuts, etc, then the bark will expire early. To save it from expiry, it is better to use toppings of dried fruits, as they last longer.

Storing the bark in an air-tight container also increases its life. When air interacts with the ingredients of the bark, it promotes the growth of bacteria and oxidizes the nuts. Therefore, making the container airtight is important to increase the longevity of chocolate bark.

What is the best chocolate to make bark? 

There is no one best chocolate for making chocolate bark. One can use the chocolate of their preference. All types of chocolates like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and, white chocolate can be used to make the bark.

All these chocolates will give their own distinct flavor to the bark. The bark made from white chocolate is called “white bark”. Dark chocolate gives its characteristic sweet and bitter flavor to the bark.

Can chocolate bark be frozen? 

Yes, chocolate bark can be frozen. Freezing prevents the bark from going bad by preventing the growth of microbes and bacteria. If the temperature of the freezer is maintained below 0℃, then the bark can remain unspoiled for a long period of time.

This is important if you are cooking in bulk and want to store the food for a longer period. Making chocolate bark in advance of a holiday can substantially reduce prep time in the kitchen.

Click to know more about freezing chocolate bark.

How to bake chocolate bark in the oven? 

Chocolate bark cannot be made in the oven. It does not require baking of any kind. It just involves melting chocolate and tempering it followed by topping it with crushed dried fruits. Peppermint shards are also a popular topping for chocolate bark

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In this article, we answered how long does homemade chocolate bark last? We also discussed the process of making and storing the chocolate bark for the best quality and preservation time. Moreover, we also went over the type of toppings for the chocolate bark.