How long does coconut oil last?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “how long does coconut oil last?” We will go over the shelf life of coconut oil as well as the best ways of storing it.

How long does coconut oil last?

Coconut oil has a storage life of up to 2 years and is therefore ideal for storing on a kitchen cupboard or in a pantry under standard conditions.

After you have opened the jar, the instructions above remain unchanged. You can keep it for a lot longer if you want to. It is not necessary to use it immediately. 

Refined (Closed)3 – 6 months after “Best by”
Refined (Opened)3 – 6 months after “Best by”
Extra Virgin (Closed)3 – 6 months after “Best by”
Extra Virgin (Opened)3 – 6 months after “Best by”

Please keep in mind that the timeframes shown are estimates, and you must always confirm to see whether the coconut oil is safe to consume before use.

How Should Coconut Oil Be Stored?

Remember to keep coconut oil in cold and dark when not in use. Coconut oil may go rancid very rapidly if it is exposed to light, air, or heat. To avoid spoiling, store it in the pantry or a closet distant from the stovetop and other heat sources.

Do not take a second chance. Use only clean tools to take coconut oil out of the container, and never your fingers, to prevent contamination of the coconut oil. This helps to keep cross-contamination as well as mold from developing. But if you consume coconut oil as a meal and use it topically as a cosmetic. Separate containers for each user should be considered to avoid cross-contamination.

Coconut oil is a liquid that may harden, melt, and then solidify again forever. It will not affect the quality of the oil or cause it to deteriorate. Coconut oil may be kept refrigerated or frozen, although it becomes much more difficult to deal with as a result.

When stored correctly, your coconut oil will have a shelf time of approximately 18 months, if not longer. If you get higher-quality virgin coconut oil, then you really will be able to keep it for a much longer time.

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Five Warning Signs That Your Coconut Oil Is Bad

It is simple to tell whether the oil has gone wrong by looking at it, smelling it, and tasting it. Here are five indications that coconut oil has gone rancid:

Yellow in terms of color

If the liquid coconut oil is of high quality, it should be clear in color and become milky white upon solidification. If it has gone yellow, it is most likely beyond its expiration date.

Blotchy or chunky 

A smooth consistency is characteristic of good coconut oil. When your oil begins to get grainy or if unidentified particles begin to float on top of the oil, it is considered spoilt.

 Black Oil Spots 

Mold may grow in small patches or black oil stains on the surface of your oil bottle. You will never know just how much the mold has already tainted your oil, therefore it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible after discovering it.

It is best to use refined coconut oils since they have a neutral fragrance, whereas virgin coconut oils have a somewhat sweet coconut scent. If the coconut oil smells sour or bitter, it is not good.

 Has a sour taste

Decent processed coconut oils have a neutral taste, whereas virgin coconut oils maintain their original coconut flavor. Bad coconut oil is often characterized by a sour flavor.

The Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a highly flexible substance that can be utilized in a variety of ways, including as part of the daily cosmetic regimen or as a pantry essential in the kitchen. The following are examples of common applications:

  1. Culinary – Coconut oil is a durable alternative to conventional cooking oils which can sustain temperatures that are quite high in comparison to other oils.
  1. To use in baking, replace it for veggie oil and butter in the majority of recipes.
  1. When it comes to massage, coconut oil may be used either on its own or just as a carrier oil in conjunction with essential oils.
  1. Use of a moisturizer daily may provide relief for those who suffer severe dry skin or eczema.
  1. Applied to the hair as a hair treatment or as a hot oil therapy is permissible.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “how long does coconut oil last?”. We also discussed the shelf life of coconut oil as well as the best ways of storing it.


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