How long does cheesecake last?

In this brief guide we will address the question, “How long does cheesecake last?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to store cheesecake and how to tell if cheesecake is bad. 

How long does cheesecake last? 

Store bought cheesecake lasts for 5-7 days, while homemade cheesecake can last up to 5 days maximum. Cheesecake is a delicious mixture of cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. The duration mentioned above is in fact the peak quality of these ingredients. 

Many cheesecakes come with a topping which is usually more volatile than the cheesecake itself. In that case, your cheesecake will be good to go as long as the topping doesn’t go bad. Freshly baked items generally do not have a shelf life of more than a week.

How to store cheesecake? 

Of course, there will rarely be any leftovers when it comes to such a delicious recipe. But let’s consider that you want to save some of the cheesecake for later use. What will you do now?

Store bought cheesecake comes in a plastic wrapping. To store it, simply put the cheesecake in the refrigerator along with the packing. If you want to store the cake for a short period of time like an hour or two, then you can also leave it on the shelf. 

For homemade cheesecake, there is no need to look for cake boxes or plastic wrappings. Simply cut your cheesecake into slices and store them in airtight containers.

How to tell if cheesecake has gone bad?

Honestly, you should just toss out a cheesecake that has been in the refrigerator for more than a week. I’m not saying that there are no particular signs or indicators that will tell you that the cheesecake has gone bad. It’s just that these signs take time to develop and the cheesecake goes bad slightly before the appearance of these indicators.

Common indicators are 

Mold: With great moisture, comes great microorganisms! The raw ingredients of cheesecake are all perishable items that have a short shelf life. Moreover, products like eggs and milk are rich in nutrients that attract molds and other organisms.

Taste: Fresh cheesecake has a creamy, smooth, and rich flavour. When cheesecake goes bad, the taste changes into a sour, acidic taste. At this point, you need to throw your cheesecake immediately.

Smell: Another way to tell if your cheesecake has gone bad is by smelling it. If it gives an unpleasant or a bitter odour, it means that your cheesecake has gone bad and it is now time to throw it away. 

Discolouration: Any discolouration in the cake means that it has probably been infected with mold or some other contaminants. This can also be a result of unhygienic measures or carelessness. For example, using the same knife to cut cheesecake which was used to cut strawberries earlier. If you do double dipping or leave the cheesecake in the open like this, chances are that its color will change and it will go bad.

Discolouration can also be a result of oxidation by the atmospheric oxygen. 

Can consuming expired cheesecake make you sick?

Since cheesecake is made from ingredients like eggs and milk, there are high chances of getting sick upon consumption of expired cheesecake. This is because the raw ingredients used are an excellent source of nutrition for the microorganisms. These microorganisms multiply in the food product while also taking away the nutrients. 

Upon consumption, one may experience gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, and other GI related problems.

Can you freeze cheesecake? 

Well, yes. You can freeze cheesecake. Freezing cheesecake will actually prolong the shelf life of the product with slight changes in the texture one the cake has been thawed. It is usually a crumby, hard appearance after thawing. Nevertheless, freezing cheesecake is perfectly safe and can be used as an effective technique to prolong the shelf life of the product.

When freezing cheesecake, it should be kept in mind that the container should be airtight. You can also use wraps to cover the slices of the cake, but remember not to put too much pressure. In my opinion, the best way is to cut the cake in small pieces and freeze it in an airtight container. 

In this way, when you want to consume some, you can just get a piece out, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator and enjoy a creamy delight.


In this brief guide we have addressed the question, “How long does cheesecake last?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to store cheesecake and how to tell if cheesecake is bad.



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