How long does cheese last in the fridge once opened?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How long does cheese last in the fridge once opened?” and methods to store cheese.

How long does cheese last in the fridge once opened?

Hard cheese can last for 5-6 weeks once opened, whereas soft cheese would last for 2-3 weeks once opened in the fridge. Medium cheese which is a mixture of soft and hard cheese can last for 2-3 weeks if it is opened.

Cheeses like cheddar and parmesan can last for 2-8 months in the freezer. Soft cheeses can go bad pretty quickly and should be consumed within two weeks of opening. Medium cheese can last for 2 months in the freezer.

Let us look at the shelf-life of a few types of cheese in the fridge once opened.

Type of cheeseApproximate shelf-life in the fridge once opened
Fresh mozzarella 7-10 days
Cheddar 6-8 weeks
Brie 2-3 weeks
Parmesan 3 months
Gruyere6-8 weeks
Gouda4-6 weeks
Feta in brine3-4 weeks
Blue cheese2-3 weeks
Pecorino1-2 months
Swiss cheese3-4 weeks
Dutch cheese 2 weeks
Provolone 1-2 weeks
String cheese1 week
Muenster1-2 weeks
Ricotta cheese5-7 days
Cottage cheese5-7 days
Camembert1-2 weeks
Cream cheese7-10 days

Mozzarella cheese is extremely perishable and has a shorter shelf-life. It would be better to buy this cheese when you plan on consuming it only.

Cheddar cheese has a longer shelf-life. It usually turns dry and hard before it starts getting spoilt.

Brie cheese has a shorter shelf-life. If it is left in the fridge for a longer time, it would start emitting the smell of ammonia. This is not a sign of spoilage and it would be still safe to eat it though the smell would be unpleasant.

As parmesan cheese undergoes the aging process and because it contains more salt, it lasts much longer compared to other cheeses.

Gruyere cheese has a long shelf-life. The aged one would last more longer.

Aged Gouda cheese would last much longer than the younger version of the Gouda cheese.

Feta in brine has a longer shelf-life because of the salt present in the cheese that preserves its moisture. Cheeses usually with a higher moisture content spoil easily but because this cheese is stored in brine, it does not get spoilt quickly.

Blue cheese can spoil quickly because of its high moisture content. Store this cheese in tin foil in the fridge to make it last longer.

How to store cheese?

If you store cheese appropriately, it can last longer than intended. Let us look at some techniques to store the cheese.

  • Hard cheeses need to be wrapped in parchment paper, cheesecloth, or wax paper.
  • You can also store hard cheeses in the freezer as it freezes nicely because of low moisture. Store them in a freezer bag. If you love to grate them and use them, you can grate and store them in an airtight container in the freezer.
  • For medium cheeses, wrap them in cheese paper or parchment paper and then place them in a freezer bag. 
  • You can also reseal the cheese or keep the cheese sealed properly in its original packaging. 
  • If you plan to store any type of cheese in the freezer, it is better to divide them into portions before freezing them.
  • If you are planning to store pecorino cheese, seal it in its original package but create tiny holes in the package. This will allow the cheese to breathe. You can also place it in a zipper and create a tiny hole at the end of the zipper.
  • If you have any leftover cheese, seal it tightly to reduce spoilage and to avoid the introduction of microbes in the cheese.
  • Double wrap your cheese to prevent it from getting spoilt too quickly. Place it in a sealed container. You can also use a wet cloth to line the container.
  • To keep the cheese fresh for a longer time, you can place sugar cubes inside the container. These sugar cubes will help modulate the temperature inside the cheese box and help in keeping the cheese fresh for a long period of time.

You can check occasionally to detect whether the sugar cube does not melt though it would be better to finish up the cheese before this happens. This trick can work temporarily.

  • Ensure that the temperature of your fridge is not higher than 7-8℃.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How long does cheese last in the fridge once opened?” and methods to store cheese.