How long does bottled water last after opened? (+5 health benefits)

In this article, we will answer the question “How long does bottled water last after opened?”, and how to store water?

How long does bottled water last after opened?

Bottles of water will last 4-6 days after opening If It was stored in the fridge. An opened bottle of water remains safe for consumption after the expiration date If It was stored correctly. However, It is not recommended to drink water from plastic bottles that are way past their expiration date.  

This is because plastic starts leeching chemicals like antimony and bisphenol A (BPA) into the water. Regular use of such water can lead to plastic buildup in your body leading to impaired immunity. It also badly affects respiratory functions and digestive health. 

The ‘best-before or ‘Best-by’ date printed on the commercially packaged water bottles gives you a rough estimate of how long the water will stay in its prime quality. It is not an indicator of safety.

How long does water last?

Water lasts indefinitely unless handled to stored improperly. Therefore, most manufacturers do not print an expiration date on the water bottle. However, the idea of a water bottle with a printed expiration date sounds more reliable.

To be on the safe side, consume the water within a week or so after opening. The water starts to absorb carbon dioxide over the course of time, resulting in an altered taste. Your best bet is to drink the water within 3 days or refrigerate it for a week once opened.

In the case of carbonated, flavored, or Vitamin Water, the ‘Best-by’ date becomes really important. Such types of water may not become unsafe for drinking but with time the carbonated water will lose its carbonation, the flavor of the flavored water will become dull and the nutritional profile of the vitamin water may not be as rich as It was before. For the best experience, some such types of water within before its expiry.

Pantry Fridge 
Water (unopened)5 years +
Water (opened)3 – 5 days
Sparkling, vitamin, or flavored water (unopened)Best-by + 3 months
Sparkling, vitamin, or flavored water (opened)2 – 3 days

How to tell If the water is bad?

In case of the presence of any sedimentation, cloudiness, or foul smell, discard the water immediately.

If the water has been stored way past the printed dates, discard them for quality and safety purposes. Because It is better to be safe than sorry.

Does tap water go bad?

If stored properly, tap water will be good for about 6 months. Carbonated tap water will slowly lose its sparkling effects which will greatly impact its flavor profile. Regular water starts to taste acidic over time due to the absorption of carbon dioxide. Use clean and sanitized food-grade water containers for storing tap water.

How to store water?

Safe storage of water will not favor the growth of microbes and this will eliminate the harmful effects of drinking contaminated water including nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The first rule is to always keep the water in a cool area. 

Warm temperatures will favor the growth of microbes and promote the leaching of plastic into the water. The plastic bottles used for storing water have pores that demand them to be kept away from household cleaners and other chemicals. 

Boil your water to eliminate any harmful microbes If the water gives off a foul smell or you can just discord It for safety and quality purpose.

Health benefits of drinking enough water 

Helps maximize physical performance 

Dehydration can lead to altered body temperature control, reduced motivation, and increased lethargy. It will drain you mentally and physically. 80% of muscle composition is water. Therefore, optimal hydration helps reduce oxidative stress, especially during intense exercise.

Significantly affect the energy levels and brain functions 

Dehydration affects brain functions by having bad effects on mood and focus. It also anxiety, fatigue, and the risk of memory loss and headaches. Optimal hydration is important to prevent such health risks.

May help prevent and treat headches 

Dehydration is the leading cause of migraines and headcahes. Drinking water can help prevent headaches and reduce the frequency of migraines.

May help relieve constipation 

Intake of mineral water with high levels of sodium and potassium can reduce the risk of constipation in both adults and children.

May help treat kidney stones 

High fluid intake prevents the buildup of mineral stones in the kidneys and forces them to expel from the system through urine.


In this article, we answered the question “How long does bottled water last after opened?”, and how to store water?


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