How long do skittles last once opened? (3 Factors)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, how long do skittles last once opened? We will discuss the factors that contribute to how long Skittles last once opened and the proper way to store them. We will also discuss the scientific reason which makes Skittles last for long.

How long do skittles last once opened?

After a pack of Skittles has been opened, it will last for over five years. Numerous factors go into determining how long Skittles last once opened, including the environment, storage condition, and handling. 

You must consider studying the label for expiration date because it can affect the quality of Skittles. Once opened, Skittles become susceptible to a decline in quality, as well as spoilage. 

While a bad texture is a common occurrence with candy, you must be careful when you eat leftover candy. If you suspect a parasite, mold, or a significant change in taste,  throw it away to prevent getting sick. 

Why do Skittles and other candies not spoil easily?

Skittles and other candies are known for their high sugar content. While the sugar is not beneficial to your health, it does deter the spoilage process.

The primary ingredient in chocolates and candies is sugar, which acts as a preservative. The concentrated sugar in these sweet treats inhibits bacteria. Sugar binds the active water molecules to itself, hence reducing the water activity. 

A low water activity means that bacteria that spoil food are suppressed, hence making it last for a long time.

How bad are Skittles for your health?

Skittles have 47 g of sugar, contributed by table sugar and corn syrup, which gives it a good enough reason to last for as long as 5 years but also to keep you away from them. 

Skittles also have trans fat in the form of hydrogenated palm kernel oil which piles on the reasons to avoid them. Skittles have 830 Calories per 205 g serving of which 8.4 g are saturated fats.

A diet with high sugar and trans fat is linked to diabetes and cholesterol. Making poor choices can lead to strokes, heart diseases, and obesity. 

What causes Skittles to lose its taste and texture?

Skittles can keep for up to 20 years when it is stored properly. In its original packaging, Skittles will keep years past its expiration date.

When the quality of Skittles starts to deteriorate, its texture is one of the first things to be affected. The Skittles will also start to get a stale texture or become hard to bite into. The taste of Skittles will keep for slightly longer than its texture does.  

Once the packet of Skittles has been opened, it could stay good for five years. If you do not store the Skittles properly, expose them to air or sunlight then they would melt and lose their quality quickly.

The loss of texture in Skittles occurs when the sugar inside crystallizes or dries out, consequently making the candy stale. 

While it could be difficult for bacteria to grow on Skittles, fungus or mold could be a potential problem. If Skittles were exposed to moisture, fungal growth is possible. 

If you see a white, green, or any other change in color, you must throw away the Skittles. Mold can grow as either spots or a textured layer, which means that Skittles is no longer safe to eat. 

Once Skittles lose their freshness and their crunchy taste, they are not worth eating, especially considering the empty calories that they have to offer.

How to store skittles after opening?

To store Skittle, put them in an airtight jar or container. A mason or glass jar keeps a good job of keeping moisture out and making your candy last long.

The best place to store Skittle is the pantry, where it is cool and dry. Keep Skittles inside a jar and away from sunlight and moisture.

Refrain from keeping Skittles in the refrigerator, unless you have to. While Skittles will last a very long time in the refrigerator and the freezer, its textural quality will deteriorate.

Even in the refrigerator, keep Skittles in an airtight bag or container. In the fridge, Skittles will stay good for multiple more months than you would expect while in the freezer, they would be good for years. 

Store individual types of candies separately. Do not mix candies. Caramels, mints, and hard candies absorb moisture, and storing them with candies that lose moisture will ruin your candy. 

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In this brief guide, we answered the question, how long do skittles last once opened? We discussed the factors that contribute to how long Skittles last once opened and the proper way to store them.


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