How long do mushroom spores last?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long do mushroom spores last?”, and what is the best way to store mushroom spores? 

How long do mushroom spores last?

Mushroom spores can last up to 2 two years depending on the variety and type of the mushroom. 

If, after a few years you bring them out to germinate and they show no response then rehydrate them and then germinate.

Spores that are months old should always be rehydrated before germination.

Mushrooms must be stored in syringes for one month only. After one month, there are greater chances of the growth of bacteria in the water. If you want to extend the shelf-life in a syringe then, refrigeration is the best option. 

Liquid culture syringes should always be stored in the refrigerator unless they will be used up quickly. Except for the Pink Oyster cultures, they should be stored at room temperature. 

We offer a 45-day viable guarantee on liquid culture syringes. We do offer a 60-day viable guarantee on spore prints and spore syringes. 

Most vendors in this industry offer 30 days or no guarantee at all on spores so we feel 60 days is plenty of time to know if there are any problems.

Can mushroom spores go bad?

The term use for mushroom spores going bad is “viable”. It means that the spores are close to the state as they were when they were discovered from nature.

But it is estimated that mushroom spores can last for many years if they are preserved properly without any contamination. 

There are many factors on which the storage and preservation of mushroom spores depends like; 

  • the spores are in print or syringe form? 
  • The temperatures at which the spores are stored
  • the type of mushroom from which spores are collected 
  • and the unique character of the particular strain

If we d comparison between the print and the syringe spores. The print spores tend to have a longer shelf life.

It is observed that the print spores have a very long shelf life up to few years. With some anecdotal, you can extend it to up to 10 years in total.

How do you preserve a spore print?

The best way to store it is to put in an airtight bag and then place it in the fridge till further use. 

The spores die at 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees centigrade so it is better to store it at low temperatures to avoid spoilage or before it becomes viable.

Spore prints

Spore prints are mainly used for the preservation of spores. 

Another purpose of spore prints is the cultivation of mushrooms, the identification of the mushroom class or strain, and its preservation. 

How long do spore syringes last?

It is generally recommended to store spore syringes in cool, dark, and shady places because the culture may grow some other bacteria too.

If you plan to study for research then store them for not more than 30 days. 

This is a general and tentative idea, in some researches, these spores remain fine for many years in refrigerated conditions. 

Spore syringes are used commonly because they are easy to handle and store. Ametuer microbiologists used them because of this reason despite their shorter shelf life. 

Can spore mushrooms be frozen?

It depends on the strain of the mushroom you are preserving. If it is psilocybin then freezing or refrigerating them is a bad idea. 

There are chances that the spore stands at this temperature but there are equal chances that they don’t, so to save your cost do not freeze them.

Other mushroom spores can withstand this temperature easily because they are not sensitive to freezing. They simply become viable.

The second factor in freezing is the type of freezer you are using. The common household freezer has a higher temperature as compared to the deep freezer.

The freezer at home can cause the aqueous solution to cracks and damage. While the other maintain the constant temperature throughout. 

In short, do not store mushroom spores in the freezer.

The best method to store mushroom spores

The best way is to store them in the syringe in a cool and dark place like a refrigerator and study them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you just have about 30 days before they go bad.


In this article, we answered the question “How long do mushroom spores last?”, and what is the best way to store mushroom spores? 


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