How long do egg beaters last?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long do egg beaters last?”, and how to store Egg Beaters?

How long do egg beaters last?

Newly packaged Egg Beaters have a shelf-life of 120 days. Once opened,d it only lasts about 7 days. Shell eggs, on the other hand, stay fresh for 60 days only.

Egg beaters vs shell eggs

Egg Beaters Original contains 100% egg whites. Beta carotene is added for natural yellow color. The vitamins and minerals of egg yolk are also supplemented. A nutritional comparison of the Eggbeaters and the shell eggs is given below.

Shell eggsEgg Beaters original Egg Beaters egg whites Egg Beaters Southwestern 
Calories 70252520
Total fat 5 g0 g0 g0 g 
Cholesterol 185 mg 0 g 0 g0 g
Carbohydrates < 1 g< 1 g< 1 g< 1 g
Protein 6 g 5 g 5 g 4 g 

Egg Beaters have much lower cholesterol and calorie count as compared to whole eggs. Besides Egg Beater Original is particularly rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, B12, D, E and essential nutrients like folic acid and riboflavin. A single serving of Eggbeaters provides 5g of protein.

Egg Beaters Original contains all-natural and double pasteurized egg whites but it is enriched with certain vitamins and nutrients that are present in the egg yolk. It is a great option for calorie-conscious people who do not want to compromise their health.

How to store Egg Beaters?

Opened or unopened and refrigerated cartons of Egg Beaters should be stored in the fridge. Freezing prolongs the shelf-life of the Egg Beaters for up to a year. Frozen Egg Beaters can be kept in the fridge for up to 7 days and should not be refrozen. Do not freeze an opened carton of Egg Beaters.

How many eggs is 2 tbsp of Egg Beaters?

Generally, 1 egg white equals 2 tbsp of Egg Beaters. This means that 6 egg whites are the same as 12 tbsp of Egg Beaters. 12 tablespoons of Egg Beaters are measured as ¾ cup of Egg Beaters given that ¼ cup equals 4 Tbsp.

6 expired foods that you might be eating every day 

Spices are very shelf-stable. They do not go bad unless you help them. Usually, exposure to moisture is what spoils them. 

What is most common for spices is that they tend to lose their flavor potency over time. Thus the very purpose of the spices is lost. 

To preserve the aroma and freshness of spices for longer, never buy them in bulk. Always prefer buying whole spices instead of their ground counterparts. Ground spices go bad quickly due to the larger surface area which is exposed to air. 

Cold cuts 

Cold cuts are highly processed but this does not exempt them from spoilage. Cold cuts like deli ham, turkey, roast beef, etc are best consumed within 3 days of purchase. 

These vacuum-sealed meat cuts can be safely kept for as long as 1 week in the fridge. However, if you notice any weird smell, texture, or appearance before 7 days, discard the meat.


A whole garlic bulb kept in a cold, dry, and dark pantry lasts about 6 months. However, unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves only stay fresh for 3 weeks and 1 week, respectively. Minced garlic goes bad in a matter of hours unless preserved in oil. 

The point is that garlic has a pretty long shelf-life and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of it. Make sure that you always inspect the garlic for spoilage before using it in your recipes. Any green fuzzy organic growth is bad news.


The expiry on the mayonnaise only applies as long as it is unopened and stored in a cool and dark pantry. Once opened, mayonnaise is best consumed within 2 months of refrigeration. 

The trick is to always buy small mayo packages instead of the big ones so you finish the mayonnaise by the time its expiry date is elapsed. 

Liquid eggs/egg substitutes 

Unopened cartons of liquid eggs or egg substitutes have a shelf-life of months. But this is not the case with their opened cartons of liquid eggs or egg substitutes which are best used within 3 days of refrigeration.


Many people eat stale bread that is way past its expiry. If you do not want to toss your bread in the garbage, there are ways you can utilize it. 


In this article, we answered the question “How long do egg beaters last?”, and how to store Egg Beaters?



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