How long do cracked eggs last?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long do cracked eggs last?”, and how to refrigerate or freeze cracked eggs?

How long do cracked eggs last?

If the eggs were cracked on your way back home from the grocery or while handling at home, they are safe to consume within 2 days of refrigeration. This is not applicable to the cracked eggs that were sitting on the store shelves. Such eggs should not be bought.

Storing cracked eggs

How to refrigerate cracked eggs?

  • Simply whisk the egg and it will preserve its freshness for another two days in the fridge. Make sure the container is air-tight and the temperature of the fridge is steady.
  • Egg white and yolk can also be separately whisked to refrigerate.
  • If you want to store them in cooked form, make sure you follow the cooking guidelines provided by the FDA and then store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

How to freeze cracked eggs?

If the eggs were cracked accidentally before your eyes, you can also opt for freezing them for later use. Frozen eggs will be good for a year.

Simply whisk the eggs and toss the mixture in a freezer bag to prevent freezer burn. Squeeze out the air from the bag. You can also whisk the egg whites and yolks separately and freeze store them.

Can you eat a cracked egg?

No, you cannot eat a cracked egg. The consumption of cracked or damaged eggs is prohibited due to a variety of health threats. 

The eggs may have cracked on your way back home from the grocery or you might have bought damaged eggs. Whatever is the case, you need to be extra careful.

Read on if you want to know how to store cracked eggs and what makes a cracked egg so dangerous to consume.

At what temperature should eggs be cooked?

An egg cracked or intact, should be cooked to an enteral safe temperature to ensure that the harmful pathogenic bacteria have been destroyed. Follow the guidelines given below, provided by the FDA, to cook your eggs safely to avoid a food-borne illness.

Omelets, frittatas, and hard-boiled eggsCook to an internal safe temperature of 144°F–158°FOr 62-70°C
Egg white omeletCook to an internal safe temperature of 144°F–149°F or 62-65°C
Scrambled, over-hard, fried, and poached eggCook to an internal safe temperature of 144°F–158°F or 62-70°C

Why is a crack egg dangerous to consume?

Egg yolk and egg white are surrounded by a thin protective membrane. This thin protective layer is lined by another relatively thick and strong layer, the eggshell.

An eggshell is the last defense of the embryo inside the egg. When the shell and the membrane are damaged, dented, or cracked in any way, it allows the bacteria to enter into the egg and multiply. The bacteria multiply indefinitely to unsafe levels and spread diseases.

The most serious and common threat a cracked egg is faced by is Salmonella contamination. When ingested, a salmonella-contaminated egg results in salmonella poisoning or salmonellosis.

Food poisoning resulting from salmonella is reflected in vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, blurry vision, severe dehydration, and even death.

Salmonella is a threat to all other poultry products including chicken, egg products, and other meat and meat products.

What to do with cracked eggs?

Store-bought eggs

Never buy cracked eggs. Always look for any dents and cracks in all the eggs. You don’t know how long have the eggs been cracked. This increases the chances of contamination. 

If the shell feels too thin, do not buy as they have higher chances of salmonella contamination than other eggs with a normal shell thickness.

Farm fresh eggs

If you broke the eggs during handling, you may or may not consume them.

  • If the eggs are clean and free from dirt and poop, and the membrane is intact, consume it right away or refrigerate for two days.
  • If the surface of the egg is dirty and the membrane is broken, you might wanna discard it. You can also feed it to your dog or chicken, their gut bacteria can better fight salmonella.

Frozen eggs

If the egg cracks during freezing and the membrane is intact, it is safe to consume. Thaw the egg like you normally would in the refrigerator and consume it within 2 days. 

If you want to cook it immediately, you can defrost by keeping the cracked eggs in a hot water and scrub them gently then crack open and cook.

Boiled eggs

When you are boiling or steaming eggs and the eggs crack, they are absolutely safe to consume. It usually happens due to vigorous banging.


In this article, we answered the question “How long do cracked eggs last?”, and how to refrigerate or freeze cracked eggs?


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