How long do cooked vegetables last in the fridge?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “How long do cooked vegetables last in the fridge?”, discuss the answers to related questions like how to properly store the cooked vegetables, and can cooked vegetables go bad.

How long do cooked vegetables last in the fridge? 

Cooked vegetables in an airtight container will last in the fridge for 3-7 days. Canned vegetables that are cooked, like beans and legumes will last in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.

This duration is variable according to the type of cooked vegetables, the way by which they have been cooked, and the storage conditions under which you have placed the vegetables.

The shelf life of the cooked vegetables

On the countertop of your kitchen, the cooked vegetables can last from hours to days depending on the temperature of the kitchen. In summers, when the room temperature is higher, these vegetables can stay worth eating for some hours only, while in winters when the temperature is moderate, they can last for a day or even more.

When placed in the refrigerator, the cooked vegetables can last for 5-7 days if the storage conditions are proper and the vegetables are cooked efficiently. If you freeze the cooked vegetables in an airtight container, they can remain out of the danger zone, the ideal temperature for bacteria to thrive, for even months and you can enjoy them any time, after thawing and reheating them, when needed.

How to properly store the cooked vegetables?

If you cooked a large portion of the vegetables aiming to use it readily in the coming days or mistakenly, storing them properly will help you avoid the wastage of cooked food and money.

If you are sure that you can use the cooked vegetables in a few days, seal them in an airtight container and place them in the refrigerator. Storing the cooked vegetables can make you eat them for up to 7 days but keep in mind that the vegetables with higher water content, such as cucumber and tomatoes, lose their flavor and quality faster than vegetables with lower water content, such as garlic and potato.

If you want to store the cooked vegetables for months, the first thing you need to do is to divide your cooked vegetables into equal and small portions. This is important because whenever you will need to use the stored vegetables, you can defrost the required amount only, without disturbing the entire stock. Pack the cooked vegetables in an airtight box or reusable plastic bags and keep them in the freezer. At the freezing temperature, the vegetables can be stored indefinitely, but their quality may start declining after 2 months or so depending on the type of the cooked vegetables.

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Can cooked vegetables go bad?

If you have properly stored the cooked vegetables, they can still go bad. To understand this fact, you need to get the concept of bacteria and its types first. Two types of bacteria are associated when cooked and stored food gets bad; the pathogenic bacteria and the spoilage bacteria.

The pathogenic bacteria grow and multiply at a faster rate on the cooked food without creating any bad odor, change in color of the food, or change in the texture of the food. So whenever your food is spoiled by these bacteria, you get more closer to be the victim of food poisoning as you cannot notice any odd thing in your stored food.

On the other hand, the spoilage bacteria grow at a relatively lower temperature and cause the food to spoil by visible signs such as bad odor, change in color, and change in texture.

Signs that cooked vegetables have gone bad

  • Mold 

If you suspect any kind of mold formation, this will be a clear indicator that the vegetables are gone bad. Do not consume moldy vegetables in any way as there will be the growth of certain secondary bacteria for sure and that can make you sick badly.

  • Color 

If the vegetables are not looking to be like the colors they are supposed to be, it is surely unsafe to eat such vegetables. Carefully inspect the stored vegetables and make sure that all the components are the same color when they were cooked. Otherwise, it will be better to discard the cooked vegetables.

  • Texture 

If the texture of stored vegetables has drastically changed and the vegetables are seeming to be slimy, do not consume such vegetables because they have gone bad.

  • Smell 

A rotten or un-appetizing smell from the cooked and stored vegetables is the perfect telltale sign to toss out the vegetables. Because it is better to waste the money than wasting your precious life.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How long do cooked vegetables last in the fridge?”, discussed the answers to related questions like how to properly store the cooked vegetables, and can cooked vegetables go bad.