How long do coffee makers last?

In this article, we will answer the question “How long do coffee makers last?”, and when to replace your coffee maker?

How long do coffee makers last?

The average lifespan of most coffee makers is 5 years. It can be extended up to 10 years with proper handling and cleaning.

When to replace your coffee maker?

The water does not heat up properly

Age, wear, and mineral build-up are the main reasons behind the inefficiency of your coffee maker to heat the water properly. 

The wear off of the heating elements with age is normal but improper descaling leads to mineral buildup which hastens the wear and tear. Such a coffee maker fails to heat the brew to the recommended 195-205℉ temperatures.

The coffee machine is broken 

This is where the warranty could be useful. If the coffee maker breaks before showing any signs of wear and tear, it is highly likely due to machine defects or design flaws. It is best to contact the manufacturer to discuss your options. 

The machine may also break due to cracks, leaks or faulty pipes, etc. Sometimes the best option is to get a new coffee machine instead of spending the same amount on the shipping and repairing of your old coffee maker.

The coffee machine is outdated 

With the ever-evolving coffee market, it may be possible that the present version of your coffee maker soon becomes outdated. 

If it does and you have a better replacement with improved features insight, we say invest in that because convenience and the heart want what it wants!

The coffee machine is exclusive for specific pods or k-cup types

What if you grow out of certain coffee pods or k cups but your machine does not? This may be very frustrating. Therefore, such a situation calls for investing in a new coffee maker.

Your taste in coffee has changed 

Get rid of the coffee maker if you no longer want that specific style of coffee to energize your mornings. If you have started to like french press or espresso instead of that regular drip coffee, invest in a new coffee maker.

The coffee maker does not fit your circumstances anymore

Coffee isn’t everything and we understand that circumstances change and we have to adapt accordingly. 

So, it is a good idea to invest in something budget-friendly coffee maker that caters to the needs of more than 1 person at once when you have a family. Similarly, if you are single, a single-serve coffee maker will do.

How long does the Cuisinart Coffee Maker last?

The Cuisinart Coffee Maker lasts 3 years on average if It is taken good care of. You could make it last 5 years with proper handling and cleaning. 

In comparison, Mr. Coffee Maker has an average lifespan of 1-3 years. Cuisinart Coffee Makers are a bit expensive, therefore, last longer.

It comes in 60 different versions of the coffee maker. All of them have unique features. The plus point is the one-year warranty on newly purchased coffee machines by the Cuisinart company.

How to clean a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

  1. For the smooth functioning of your coffee maker, you need to decalcify it after every 6 months (in case of infrequent use) and after 1 month If you use it at least one time each day. The clean button on your Cuisinart will signal the need for descaling by starting to flash.
  1. Remove the used coffee grounds from the carafe and the basket along with any used paper filters.
  1. Carefully measure the water and vinegar solution(3:1) so that It fills up the reservoir to the neck generally, a 12-cup coffee maker will require 4 cups of vinegar and 8 cups of water to fill the reservoir to the full extent.
  1. When the Clean light flashes, punch the On/Off button to ensure the coffee maker is in Clean mode. Due to the in-between pauses, the Clean cycle will last 2-3 times longer than the normal brew.
  1. If your machine does not have a Clean button, you can just run the coffee maker as you would normally but of course with water and vinegar in the reservoir. For deep cleaning, shut the coffee maker off halfway through the Clean cycle, pause for an hour, and start again.
  1. If one cycle fails to clean your coffee maker, you can run another cycle after the machine has fully cooled down. Use a fresh mixture of vinegar and water. Similarly, If the Clean button keeps flashing after running the first cycle, run another Clean cycle.
  1. After the Clean cycle, you need to run 2-3 cycles with water only to ensure the complete removal of vinegar residues. Let the carafe cool before running this cycle, particularly If the coffee marker has a glass pot.

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