How long do coffee beans last unopened?

In this text we will answer the question: “How long do coffee beans last unopened?”. In addition, we will discuss how you should store your coffee beans so they last longer. Furthermore, we will explain how to tell if your coffee beans are spoiled.

How long do coffee beans last unopened?

Coffee beans inside an unopened package last for 6 to 9 months. Once opened, avoid leaving it open for more than 15 days. As much care is taken after 15 days, due to opening the container several times. It is natural that he loses the concentration of aroma and flavor.

How to store coffee beans?

Ideally, you should store coffee beans away from moisture, light, and in an airtight container.

Coffee is sensitive to moisture. As a result, the refrigerator is not the ideal place to store it. Moisture present in these areas can oxidize the grain and this will diminish its aroma. 

Another problem is that these places tend to harbor food with a strong odor, and these odors can be absorbed by the coffee beans, leaving them with an unpalatable taste and odor.

Light, even if artificial, can also oxidize the grain. The ideal, then, is to store it in places that remain dark most of the time, such as inside closets, for example. Give preference, also, to dark containers, which make it difficult for light to pass inside. Thus, all the incidence of luminosity on it will be softened.

Keep your coffee beans in a cool place. Just keeping the beans out of the light, however, is not enough. You know that closet that gets sun all day? Or that place next to the oven, stove or microwave? These are not good places to keep coffee, as the temperature variation to which they are subject is very large. Choose cool places and away from heat sources.

Can you freeze coffee beans?

Yes, you can freeze coffee beans but it may lose some quality. Fridges and freezers are damp, and when you put coffee inside, you expose it to that humidity. This can sacrifice the flavor and quality of the coffee. In addition, coffee is an extremely sensitive food to smells, so when it stays in the fridge it is very likely that it will absorb the strongest odors, changing its flavor.

Instead of the fridge or freezer, you need to find somewhere in your house that is cool, dry and away from sunlight. Don’t let the coffee sit on the counter where the sun hits it, as this will dry it out too much and affect the flavor and quality. Storing it inside a cool closet is a good idea.

If your coffee comes in a packaging with a valve and closing seal, you can choose to keep it in it. These packages help to preserve the product in a satisfactory way, but if you want to put it in another container, the best thing you can do is invest in an airtight glass or ceramic container.

How do I know if my coffee beans are bad?

The coffee beans are bad when you make the drink and it tastes rancid, or when the coffee has some kind of fungus or mold on top of the beans. The answer is a bit complicated because, while coffee can “go bad” and provide an unpleasant taste experience, coffee doesn’t go bad in the same way that other foods do.

Coffee beans definitely go rancid and can go rancid over time, but they are almost always safe to use and prepare as long as they are stored properly in a place away from moisture and sunlight, in an airtight pute.

The expiration date of the coffee you purchased, the one that is on the label, necessarily, indicates how long the beans will remain at their best quality. However, if you buy high quality coffee beans at a local coffee shop, you can discover the difference in flavor in just a few weeks. 

You must remember that there is a difference between fresh taste and safety. Your coffee beans will last a few weeks before the really pleasant aromatic flavor wears off, but as long as your beans are stored in a cool, dark place, they can be safely consumed for months. 

So, even if the coffee has lost aroma and flavor compounds, it may still be good for consumption. But prefer fresh coffees, to delight yourself with quality flavor and aromas.

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In this text we answered the question: “How long do coffee beans last unopened?”. In addition, we discussed how you should store your coffee beans so they last longer. Furthermore, we explained how to tell if your coffee beans are spoiled.