How long can you keep a pie in the fridge? (+7 Pie recipes)

In this article, we will answer the question “How long can you keep a pie in the fridge?’, and how to store different kinds of pies?

How long can you keep a pie in the fridge?

Pie can stay fresh in the fridge for about 2-3 days on average. The shelf-life differs depending upon the ingredients used in the pie. The following table shows the estimated shelf-life of pies in the fridge and the freezer.

In the fridgeIn the freezer
Fruit pie2-3 days6-8 months
Cream pie2-3 days6 months
Pot-pie2-4 days6-8 months
Pumpkin pie2-4 days6-8 months
Refrigerated pie crust4-6 weeks6-8 months
Baked puff pastry1-2 weeks6-8 months
Custard pie2-3 daysNot recommended
Quiche 2-4 days6-8 months

Unlike the store-bought pies that are displayed on the store shelves, homemade pies do not contain any preservatives. Therefore, it is important to refrigerate any pie within 2 hours of preparation if it is not going to be consumed immediately.

Let the pie come to room temperature before putting it in the fridge. Wrap the pie with a plastic sheet tightly but not too tightly. Wrapping it too tightly will collect the moisture inside ruining the texture. Leave some room for breathing. Refrigeration temperatures sow down the bacterial and mold growth. 

If you are wondering what to do with the leftover pie from thanksgiving, this article has got your back. Raed on if you want to store the pie safely for later use.

How to tell if the pie is bad?

It is very easy to tell if the pie is bad or not by looking at the crust texture. If the crust feels soggy, discard it. The sogginess is due to all the water absorbed by the crust released by fruits in the pie. That is why pie with fresh fruits has the least shelf-life in the fridge i.e 1-2 days.

Which baked pies have to be refrigerated?

Pies that contain dairy ingredients like eggs, milk, buttermilk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, cream cheese or sour cream, etc need to be refrigerated to retain freshness.

It is not recommended to freeze diary-based pies because the milk solids and the liquid will separate out due to crystallization. These pies include custard pies, mousse, and chiffon pies. Other than that, pumpkin and pecan pie and lemon meringue contain eggs and require refrigeration.

What type of pies can be frozen?

Pies that have eggs

Pies like pumpkin and pecan with eggs as a base ingredient can be frozen. The crust me get a little soggy and the filling might be separated. Consume within two months. Wrap tightly with a plastic sheet or aluminum foil or simply toss in the freezer bag. Label before freezing.

Pies with fruits

Pies that have fruits as the base ingredient adapt pretty well to the freezing environment and can be stored for up to 4 months. Pre-freeze the pie uncovered in the freezer for an hour or so. Then secure tightly with a plastic wrap or foil. Thaw for about an hour before reheating in a preheated oven at 375°F. This will take only 30 minutes.

According to the USDA, pies that are made with sugar/sugar syrup and fruits can be kept at room temperature for about 2 days

Top Pie recipes

  • If you like the sweet mild flavor of coconut, whip up some coconut cream to make delicious coconut cream pie.
  • Do not stop at fruits when you think about making pies. Fill the pie crust with mashed sweet potatoes. Add lemon for a lemony hint.
  • Peanut butter never disappoints. Pack the crust with some chewy peanut butter filling and top off with some peanuts or some Nutter butter cookies for a nutty kick.
  • The sweet smell of apple pie works like a magic. Wisp up some apple pie filling and serve with some whipped cream. Cinnamon and nutmeg bring out a lot of flavor in apple pie.
  • Speaking of fruit pies, banana pie no less than a showstopper. Pie crust packed with a creamy banana filling which is topped with freshly sliced bananas and some whipped cream is the perfect treat.
  • Summers are incomplete without cherry pie. Prepare the cherry syrup using tart cherries to get the bittersweet flavor in the end-product.
  • Strawberry pie is the perfect sweet treat for strawberry lovers. Strawberry syrup topped with freshly cut strawberries and some whipped cream is an absolute delight to the eyes.


In this article, we answered the question “How long can you keep a pie in the fridge?’, and how to store different kinds of pies?