How long can you keep a cracked egg in the fridge? (5 Tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘ How long can you keep a cracked egg in the fridge.’ We will look at the factors that determine how long can cracked eggs last in the fridge.

How long can you keep a cracked egg in the fridge?

If you happen to have some eggs with cracked shells, it is better to open them in a clean container. Once that is done, cover the container properly with a cling wrap or some other material to keep it tightly closed. Cracked eggs stored this way can last for 2 days in the fridge. Once you take them out, be sure to thoroughly cook the white and the yolk until they’re both firm.

Generally, it comes down to how the egg was handled when it cracked.

If your eggs cracked before you bought them, the safety of the egg is subjective. In the US, eggs are inspected, washed, and then packaged into cartons. An egg that broke after it was packaged, is likely not to be contaminated by any environmental hazard. However, if the egg cracked at the poultry farm or the supply chain, it will have a different story to tell.

A cracked shell is a gateway to allow bacteria to enter the egg. Hence an absence of an intact and perfect eggshell increases the risk of contamination.

If you purchased your eggs from a local producer, you need to confirm where your eggs have been. If they were cared for and handled properly, there is very little threat to your well-being at stake. 

If you trust your egg supplier and your egg seems in good condition, store it properly and consume it as soon as you can, preferably within two days. 

In case you trust the source that the cracked egg came from

In case you get your eggs from your backyard or a local farmer and, you are confident that your eggs never experienced a hostile environment.

In such a situation, you can consume the properly handled egg within two days. 

A reputed supplier who obeys the law could guarantee that the egg will not harm you if you fulfilled your end of the bargain. 

When you prepare the egg, make sure to cook it thoroughly. The whites and the yolk must be cooked well to eliminate any chance of Salmonella poisoning. 

In case the egg was cracked by you

If you did the deed, the situation is probably under control.

If you cracked the eggs, you need to store them in the best possible way to prevent spoiling. Instead of refrigerating it with the shell, empty the egg contents into a container and then refrigerate. Make sure your container was cleaned and sanitized. Also, cover tightly to deprive contaminants of means of access.

If you separate the white and the yolk of your cracked egg, it lasts anywhere from four to ten days. However, you can expect the egg yolk to have a shorter life than the white counterpart.

 If the egg broke in the styrofoam carton and you put it in the fridge within an hour. Assuming you followed through with all the precautions you need for the cracked egg, your eggs are good for two weeks. 

 Let us consider a scenario where the eggs were subjected to some ill-condition; that is out of a person’s control. 

A high ambient temperature or delayed refrigeration can both hasten the rotting process of eggs. 

Here, if you cracked the egg and did the best that you could, consume the egg within a few days rather than pushing it for weeks.

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How long can eggs be left out?

If you are in doubt

According to Taiwanese research, weak or cracked eggs are more prone to birth the Salmonella bacteria. Again these findings are subjective to handling practice and supply chain management.

If you are not sure about the safety of the cracked egg that you bought, examine it. Look at it and smell it. Any off-smell or particular difference dictates that you avoid eating it.

The shell is the protective barrier of the egg and even a little adverse impact can deteriorate the quality of an egg. A defective shell is one of the main reasons that the egg becomes contaminated and unspoiled.

The signs that tell you to throw away the cracked egg

 The smell of the egg is a good indicator of the condition of the egg. When an egg spoils a compound called Hydrogen Sulphide is formed. The egg yolk is rich in iron which forms iron sulfide that appears as a green ring.

If you refrigerate your eggs properly but, you experience a hot climate, then your cracked eggs will not be as healthy as they should.  The exposed egg in a cracked egg will spoil at an accelerated rate if subjected to extreme conditions, such as a high temperature or a filthy environment.

Salmonella poisoning can cause severe and lasting symptoms.  In case you have a chronic health condition or belong to a high-risk group, it is best to be safe if you are prone or sensitive to gastrointestinal discomfort.

It is not worth the risk if the conditions do not permit it. If the eggs do not comply with the standard operating procedures; you have not tracked the source of eggs, it is better to toss it out.

Even though you can not boil it but, there are plenty of other ways to cook it. Make it into an omelet, frittata, or a fried egg.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘ How long can you keep a cracked egg in the fridge.’ We looked at the factors that determine how long cracked eggs last in the fridge.