How long can molded chocolate be stored? (with few storage tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer ‘how long can molded chocolate be stored?’ Also, we will discuss some common storage mistakes and how they can be avoided. Also, some tips to keep molded chocolate fresh for a long time are also mentioned.

How long can molded chocolate be stored?

Molded chocolate can be stored for up to 6 weeks if stored under optimal conditions. It is best to enjoy your molded chocolate as soon as possible so that you get the best quality.

What is the ideal shelf life of other chocolate products?

In the below chart, recommended shelf life of a few chocolate products in mentioned;

Chocolate productShelf life
TrufflesWithin 14 days
Filled/molded chocolatesWithin 6 weeks
Tablets/bars, mendicants and solid chocolateWithin 6 months
Paves and corksWithin 14 days
Pâté chocolate, chocolate terrines and salamiWithin 8 weeks

Should chocolate be refrigerated?

Chocolate is not supposed to be refrigerated as temperature changes and humidity can alter the structure of chocolate. It is suggested to refrigerate if it is absolutely necessary like you live in a tropical environment with no air conditioning.

What is that white cast around my chocolate?

Have you ever noticed a blotchy, streaky white cast around your chocolate and assumed your chocolate has gone bad? That white cast is called chocolate bloom.

Chocolate bloom results when either the cocoa butter or the sugar has separated from the other ingredients and rises to the surface. This results due to improper cooking or storage. Although your chocolate is still safe to consume, there might be a slight difference in the textural and flavor profile of the chocolate.

How long can chocolate last?

A well-tempered and high-quality chocolate bar will last up to a year if it is stored in a cool, dark and dry place. However, if your chocolate bar has some other ingredients added in like, cream, butter, dry fruits and nuts, etc. therefore, it is advised to refer to the packaging for ‘Best before’ or ‘Best buy’ date for optimal flavor, texture and quality.

Common storage mistakes and how to avoid them

Following are some common storage mistakes we often do;

Storing chocolate along with some other smelly food item in the refrigerator – chocolates easily absorb odors from whatever is near them, whether it is an onion, garlic or even your lamb roast.

Storing chocolate in the refrigerator – moisture inside the fridge can lead to sugar bloom, sugar rises to the surface and discolors the chocolate as a white cast.

Instead, store in a cool dry place at a temperature below 70 degrees F (ideally between 65 to 68 degrees F) at a humidity level of less than 55%. At this temperature, the emulsion of cocoa solids and cocoa butter stay stable for months.

Sometimes even storing in a cool and dry place can also leave you with smelly chocolate – as cocoa butter tends to pick up the smell of whatever is around them.

Instead, store in an airtight container – this will block out all external factors and all you’ll be left with is the oxygen inside the container. However, this oxygen may lead to the development of bad flavoring compounds as the fats of chocolate will start oxidizing.

Keep them away for light – not just sunlight but artificial light too. This light will lead to photooxidation of the fats in chocolate which again will result in some bad flavoring compounds.

Sometimes refrigeration is a must – especially in summer when you don’t have access to air conditioners. Just tightly wrap your chocolate to protect against odors and condensation and seal it in an airtight container. Just let your chocolate come back to room temperature before eating. This way the chocolate may last you 3 to 4 months.

Filled chocolate especially that has dairy like cream or butter in it also needs to be refrigerated.

For longer shelf life, you may freeze the chocolate too. All you need to do is wrap your chocolate and seal it in an airtight container. Place the container in the fridge for at least 2 to 6 hours then transfer that container to the freezer. This prevents any thermal shock and helps in keeping the textural properties.

Before using it, just reverse the process. Take out from the freezer and place the container in the fridge for 24 hours. After that remove it from the fridge and let it come back to room temperature and then enjoy.

Follow a thumb rule – that says that white chocolate can be stored for four months, milk chocolate for a year and dark chocolate for almost two years.

It is best to buy fresh and consume within a week because who remembers when you last bought the stuff.

If you want to learn more about chocolate blooming, please refer here.

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In this brief guide, we answered ‘how long can molded chocolate be stored?’ Also, we have discussed some common storage mistakes and how they can be avoided. Also, some tips to keep molded chocolate fresh for a long period are also mentioned.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful and informative. In case of any queries or comments, please do let us know.