How long can a tomato plant live?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how long can a tomato plant live” with an in-depth analysis of the average lifespan of a tomato plant. Moreover, we are going to highlight how you can extend the lifespan of a tomato plant and what is the oldest tomato plant in the world, and what are some tips to grow tomato plants indoors.

How long can a tomato plant live?

On average, a tomato plant lives for around six months and dies after the first frost. There are certain ways through which the lifespan of a plant can be increased, such as through regular fertilization or propagation. The lifespan mainly depends upon the climate, pests, as well as handling. Some varieties can also survive for about one to three years.

The lifespan of a tomato plant

Normally, tomato plants only live for about six months. The best thriving and growing month speed up is suffering and other summer months but former the plans die as soon as the temperature becomes cold.

Some of the environments with constant temperature conditions, particularly above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, can be best suited for the survival of tomato plants. However, the gold climatic conditions again produce risk for the death of tomato plants. Tomato plants also get diseases easily. That can also alter the normal lifespan of tomato plants.

Tomato plants usually take 45 to 70 days to become mature and the size of a ripe tomato is large if the plants have grown for longer periods. The number of harvesting among different types of tomatoes is different. For instance, some tomato plants can produce only a single harvest whereas some plants can produce more than two or three harvests. The maximum height a plant can achieve is up to 12 feet.

Extending the shelf life of a tomato plant

Several tips can be followed to extend the shelf life of a plant. This may also increase the number of harvests.

Tomato plants require a continuous supply of steam, that is provided through hot temperatures, during their growth. Winters, this hot temperature is not given to the tomato plant which results in its death. Therefore, maintaining a certain temperature condition around the plants may help them survive during cold temperatures.

Some of the varieties also have the potential to survive for more than one year. Therefore, one should go for a type that can have the potential to survive for a longer duration as compared to its size, flower,  And fruit-bearing qualities.

You can also make clones of the plants by simply rooting technique.

The indoor growing or under greenhouses R undo is the best option as one mistake seed in providing enough temperature, water, and fertilizers for the appropriate growth of plants.

The best growth offer tomato plant is insured at a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the temperature in the greenhouse should be maintained almost at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oldest tomato plant

The oldest tomato plant was found in the experimental greenhouses of Walt Disney World resort in Lake Buena in Florida. The plant succeeded in producing more than 32,000 tomatoes and several thousand tomatoes were obtained at a time of single harvesting.

It was not a natural plant but was grown experimentally through the maintenance of some external conditions to observe how long A tomato plant can grow.

Tips for growing indoor tomatoes

Some basic tools that can be needed while growing tomatoes indoor or in greenhouses are as under

Starting trays

Sterile soilless planting mix

Heat mat

LED grow light

Sunny window


Large pot or container


Plant stakes

Some of the care and  maintenance tips may include

  • Select an Appropriate determinate variety Of tomato plants.
  • place the plants in the sunny area so that they can get an adequate amount of sunlight throughout their Growth.
  •  During the planting of seedlings, try to buddy them to the level that Tiny hairs on their base are submerged in soil.
  • Check the dryness of the soil and if it is dry, immediately water It.
  • Also, monitor the pests around your plant and kill them if found.

The appropriate growing conditions are one of the crucial factors that can regulate the overall growth, shelf life, and production of the plants. Therefore, you need to maintain appropriate environmental conditions throughout the growth. For this, you can find detailed information about the gardening of tomato plants here.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “how long can a tomato plant live” with an in-depth analysis of the average lifespan of a tomato plant. Moreover, we discussed how can you extend the lifespan of a tomato plant, what is the known oldest plant on earth, and what are some tips to grow the tomato plant indoors properly.s

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