How long after Tooth Extraction can I drink coffee? (3 reasons)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘How long after Tooth Extraction can I drink coffee?’. We will look at the reasons to avoid coffee and the length of time to wait until we resume our caffeine after getting tooth extraction.

How long after Tooth Extraction can I drink coffee?

After you get your tooth extracted, your dentist will advise you against drinking any hot beverage. Coffee must be avoided for at least 24 hours or even longer. It is best if you wait 48 hours; that is when the wound gets sufficiently healed.

However, there are instances where you may have to wait for a longer than average period. To get a clear picture, we advise that you talk to your dentist to get precise instructions. Some precautions are to be followed, before and others, after the tooth extraction, to ensure that the healing process is as efficient as it should be.

Generally, some foods need to be avoided. Otherwise, it will hinder the healing process. Water and soft foods might be the only option for a few days. 

When you choose to drink coffee, make sure to have it at room temperature and refrain from using a straw. Also, take small sips and add as little sugar as possible.

If you drink beverages at extreme temperatures, it will cause pain to your teeth. Too cold or hot coffee will irritate the vulnerable nerve ending of your recently extracted tooth.

When you sip your coffee from the mug, it is gentle on the teeth. Using a straw induces pressure in the mouth. The sucking action will expose the wound and impede the healing process.

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Why does coffee need to be avoided after tooth extraction?

Water is the best drink that has a neutral pH. While other beverages such as juices, coffee and, tea are acidic, they can delay the healing process. Caffeine releases acid in the digestive system and causes heartburn or acid reflux. High acidity in the stomach impairs oral health. 

 A wound that is in the healing process forms blood clots. Blood clot formation is the biological process that heals wounds and injuries after bleeding has stopped. 

Hot Beverages and coffees are known to hinder the formation of blood clots. Hot coffee will prevent the blood clots from forming or even dissolve or displace them. 

If blood clots do not form the healing will take longer to complete. The worst that can happen in the absence of a blood clot is a condition called dry socket. 

The healing process is different for every individual. 

A health condition, age, or severity of the wound will vary the length of time it takes for your tooth extraction to heal. Besides the mentioned factors, the motive for tooth extraction matters as well. Your oral wounds would heal at a variable pace. The slower the healing process, the more you will need to be deprived of coffee. 

If your extracted tooth was the result of infection or if it broke, the extracted tooth will be more vulnerable until it heals. In another instance, if you had your wisdom tooth removed, it takes longer to heal.

Regardless of the cause, if your extraction faced some complications, you need extra precaution after. That means staying away from the hot or caffeinated beverage for longer. 

The International Wound Journal stated that caffeine inhibits the healing process. Caffeine beverages also release compounds called theobromine and xanthine that negatively affect a wound. 

If you suffer from blood pressure, caffeinated beverages can worsen it. As you drink coffee, your blood pressure rises. As the wound is still susceptible to bleeding, high blood pressure can cause heavy bleeding. Caffeine enlarges the blood vessels and impedes the bleeding from stopping.

Therefore, coffee after a tooth extraction is not allowed. You need a few days until the healing completes then you can drink coffee. Generally, it takes five days for the healing to progress significantly, after which it should be safe to consume coffee. However, after two weeks, you will notice that your tooth will be perfectly healthy. 

For the first few days after getting a tooth extraction, you need to stick to some of the following foods. First things first, be sure to drink lots of water.

When we talk of foods, bland and soft foods will serve you best. Some simple and delicious foods like mashed potatoes, soups, eggs and smoothies are good options. 

After 24 hours, you will be able to sip some cold coffee while, after 48 hours, hot coffee would become safer for you as well. If you had wisdom teeth extracted, you need to wait for a few more days.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘How long after Tooth Extraction can I drink coffee?’. We looked at the reasons to avoid coffee and the length of time to wait until we resume our caffeine after tooth extraction.


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