How is HelloFresh doing? (+3 HelloFresh competitors)

This article will discuss how HelloFresh is doing. We will also check out some of the unique steps that HelloFresh has undertaken to not only make it the most popular meal-kit delivery service in the world today, but also such a profitable company. In addition to this, we will be looking at some other meal-kit delivery services that are HelloFresh competitors.

How is HelloFresh doing?

HelloFresh is presently the no.1 meal-kit delivery service in the world. This company has generated about six billion euros in 2021 alone, which is almost twice its profit from the previous year. HelloFresh operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden and many other parts of Western Europe including the United Kingdom.

Unique strategies by HelloFresh

HelloFresh did not become such a profitable company by only selling its meal-kits. This meal-kit delivery service undertakes several strategies through which it reaches many more customers and generates more profit. Some of the unique strategies that are undertaken by HelloFresh are:

It strongly understands its target population

The main reason for HelloFresh’s success is that it strongly understands who the target population is and what their actual needs and requirements are. HelloFresh’s audience mainly consists of working mothers who want ease of cooking with no compromise on the health and nutritional aspect of the meal.

It uses plenty of influencers

To attract more customers from its target population, HelloFresh uses many influencers who fit the same demographic. These influencers use their social media handles to promote HelloFresh by creating videos, tweets, posts and even hashtags and such. HelloFresh also uses the influence of many celebrities like Mindy Kaling to promote its product.

It uses the right advertising

It also uses the right type of advertising to promote itself to its customers. The thing about HelloFresh is that it does not stick to only one type of advertising. Instead, it makes itself visible almost everywhere so that no one can miss out on it. HelloFresh frequently rolls out newspaper ads, TV ads and even subway posters.


It makes customers ambassadors

Another strong way through which HelloFresh asserts itself on the target population is to use its very own customers as ambassadors. Once the customer starts using the meal-kit delivery service of HelloFresh, they will be able to send free boxes of meal kits to their friends and relatives, thereby bringing more customers into the fold of HelloFresh.

It educates its customers

HelloFresh also educates its customers about its product through various means. One way it does so is through its blog which contains plenty of hacks and tips that customers will definitely love. Another part of the education that HelloFresh undertakes is to educate the customer about food wastage and recommend ways to reduce waste and reuse products.

It is present on all social media

HelloFresh is present in almost all social media apps. And thus, it does not skip a beat with any generation. HelloFresh is also quite active and frequently posts interesting takes on food and meal kits. Furthermore, it regularly interacts and engages with its customers through social media and gets to know their likes, dislikes and even their suggestions.

It is pretty sustainable

HelloFresh has created a name for itself as a very sustainable company. When many customers raised eyebrows at the intense plastic packaging that the meal kits come in, HelloFresh started educating the customers to reuse the ice packs and other parts of the packaging for their very own needs and requirements.

It also has partnered with many non-profit organizations in order to reduce food shortage in many parts of the world. Furthermore, it is a part of several ongoing research projects which target reducing food wastage in various parts of the world.

HelloFresh donates a lot of food

In addition to all the points above, HelloFresh also donates plenty of food to those who need it. It does this by using local charitable organizations and institutions which bring the food to exactly those people who definitely require it. HelloFresh has donated more than 500,000 pounds of food to charity.

It acquires competitors

While HelloFresh certainly has many strategies to generate more revenue, another strategy that it follows is to cut down the competition by simply acquiring the companies. HelloFresh has gone on to acquire Youfoodz, Green Chef, Factor75 and even Chef’s Plate in Canada, as part of its growth strategy.

HelloFresh competitors

HelloFresh is great, but has more than a few competitors. Some of the companies that are in competition to HelloFresh have been mentioned as follows.

  • Gobble, which is popular due to its extremely easy to cook meal kits. These meal kits are guaranteed to be ready within 15 minutes and thus are a hit among very busy folks.
  • Nutrisystem, is another meal kit delivery service that brings the customer a more unique program. The personal needs and requirements of the customer are given more weight in this delivery service.
  • Sunbasket is another meal-kit delivery service that has plenty of variety. There are even meal-kits designed for particular health needs such as keto, paleo and even diabetes-friendly meal kits.


This article has discussed how HelloFresh is doing. We have also checked out some of the unique steps that HelloFresh has undertaken to not only make it the most popular meal-kit delivery service in the world today, but also such a profitable company. In addition to this, we have looked at some other meal-kit delivery services that are HelloFresh competitors.

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