How does rum taste?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how does rum taste” with an in-depth analysis of the taste of different types or varieties of rum, including light, gold, dark, navy, and spiced rum. Moreover, we are going to highlight how the taste of rum is altered due to the aging period and variety and how rum is prepared and drunk.

How does rum taste?

The classic taste of rum is sweet as the main ingredient used while the preparation of rum is sugar from sugarcane. The taste of rum varies on the type or variety of rum, added ingredients, and aging. Rum tastes sweet, caramel flavor, spicy and strong flavor. Moreover, the rum that is aged for a longer duration has a stronger flavor than that aged for a less time.

Taste of rum:

The traditional taste of rum is sweet and toasted due to the presence of sugar as a base ingredient and may contain different flavors or aromas as it may be added with caramel, vanilla, and various spices. The rum prepared from molasses has a bolder character whereas the one made with sugarcane has herbaceous quality.

White, light, or silver rum may be dry and lighter, or clearer. Gold rum normally contains added caramel. The dark rum, during aging, contains added wood flavors imparting scorched flavor to the liquor. Navy rum has a strong and fruity flavor due to infused natural juices. Spiced rum is added with different spices and natural herbs.

The taste or flavor of rum may also vary due to the various techniques used in different regions that can provide a spectrum of flavors. The taste may also vary with the age of rum as the more aged rum has a strong aroma or flavor of its sugars along with other flavors added in it as compared to the less aged rum.


Rum is one of the most well-known and loved liquors around the world. It is an alcoholic spirit, produced by distilling the molasses or sugarcane juice that has been already fermented. It is contained with sugarcane’s natural flavors and oils as sugarcane is the main ingredient of this beverage.

In general, it is made from sugar that may be from the cane or the by-products of cane sugar like molasses or black treacle. It may also contain some other flavors due to added caramel, nutmeg, vanilla, and spices of good quality.

The exact duration required for the manufacturing, particularly aging, is not known but usually, it is kept for at least 8 months to 2 years to undergo aging. For instance, the dark rums are aged for a far longer period.

The distillation of rum can also be done to various strengths ranging from more than 40% of alcohol by volume. Rum with different ages can be mixed to produce more consistent and appealing flavors and aromas.

Making of rum:

Rum can be manufactured by three different methods, including fermentation of sugar cane directly, fermentation of the concentrated sugar cane syrup, and fermentation of the juice that is made from the processing of molasses.

Among all of these methods, the most important step is to properly harvest the sugar cane by cutting it too close to the ground as much as possible and then extracting the sugar from it. The extracts or juices from the sugar are obtained through quick milling, boiling, and rendering it down, and then squeezing out the juice.

The juice or extract obtained is then distilled in the pot and the time of distillation or aging may vary depending upon the content of alcohol you want in the rum. The aging may vary from a few weeks to thirty years. For example, light, white or silver rum is aged for less time as compared to other types of rum.

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Drinking of rum:

The rum can be drunk alone but it is preferred to be mixed with other drinks, such as ice, lime, cola, apple juice, coconut water, and ginger beer or ginger ale. If consumed alone, the rum can only be consumed in a small amount. Also, white rum is rarely consumed alone, it is mostly served with lime or ice.

Amount to drink:

Drinking too much alcohol daily is not considered safe as it can pose individuals to certain hazardous conditions. The light consumption usually includes one to three drinks in one week. Normally, the alcohol consumed one to two drinks per day is assumed safe.

Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to many chronic conditions, including cancers, kidney problems, liver diseases, cardiovascular problems, neurodegenerative problems, and eventually death.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “how does rum taste” with an in-depth analysis of the variations in taste due to the types or varieties, added ingredients, and aging duration. Moreover, we discussed how rum is prepared and how it should be drunk when mixed with other juices or water.

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