How does a conventional oven work? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How does a conventional oven work?” tips to cook in a conventional oven and safety tips. 

How does a conventional oven work?

A conventional works with the help of two heating elements. One of the heating elements is used for baking foods or cooking them whereas the other heating element helps in broiling the foods. The dish that is present closer to these heating elements would cook quicker.

The heating element at the top is responsible for broiling foods whereas the one at the bottom is responsible for baking them.

The conventional oven does not have a fan to circulate the hot air. As a result of this, hot air would be observed in certain pockets along with cooler air that might help in cooking the dish quickly or slowly.

What are some tips to cook with a conventional oven?

  • Use conventional ovens to cook the foods that need to be cooked evenly. This could be applicable in the case of foods like cakes or pizzas. The foods would be cooked from both top and bottom.

It would also help the bread to rise slowly and evenly. You can also cook souffles and custards in this type of oven.

  • Preheat the oven before you put the food in it to cook. Preheating would help in reducing the cooking time.
  • When you cook foods in the oven especially foods like meat or fish, it is essential to check the internal temperature of the food or else the food would remain uncooked.

For this purpose, use a meat thermometer or oven thermometer. This would provide you with an idea of the doneness of the food.

  • After placing the food in the oven, make sure to close the door of the oven. This is because conventional ovens lack fans, unlike convectional ovens to cook food. 

As a result, if the door is left open while cooking, colder air would get in and it would take a longer time to cook your food.

  • Check the temperature of the food while you are cooking it. Hanging thermometers can be used to check the temperature of the food. 

Digital oven thermometers might not be accurate and your food can end up being roasted instead of baked.

  • If you wish to cook your foods very quickly, you can adjust the racks in your oven. Bring your rack closer to the heat source and place the food in it but be careful to not bring your food too close to the heat source as your food can burn. Also, avoid opening the oven door.
  • If your oven has warming drawers, place your food in it to avoid the food from cooling. If your oven does not have a warming drawer, you can place the foods inside the oven and set the oven to lower heat to keep them warm.
  • Clean the oven and the oven utensils regularly.

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What are the safety tips to be followed while using an oven?

  • Use silicone oven mitts to take warm foods out of the oven. Silicone mitts would not transfer the heat of the food to your hands.
  • The handles of the oven should be out of reach of children. It is very likely that the children can open the handles of the ovens and develop burns.
  • Avoid opening the door of the oven halfway. Also, avoid grabbing the wrong part of the door to avoid the incidence of burns.
  • Keep a fire blanket near your kitchen to reduce the incidence of fire in or around the oven or the kitchen.
  • Avoid leaving the oven unattended.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How does a conventional oven work?” tips to cook in a conventional oven and safety tips.