How do you start grinding coffee with mortar and pestle?

In this article, we are going to show you how to grind coffee using mortar and pestle. And we will also show you other electric and manual methods for grinding coffee.

How do you start grinding coffee with mortar and pestle?

As with electrical appliances, it is important to grind the beans little by little, as this guarantees the quality of the grinding. With a pestle and mortar, grind 10 to 15 grams at a time. Just like the mixer, use your hand to cover the container and prevent the beans from jumping out. Crack the shell and then apply more pressure to grind.

What is medium ground coffee?

The expression “medium ground coffee” is used to refer to the granulometry size, indicating the best brewing method for your coffee. In the world of coffee beans, there are five types of grinding: extra fine, fine, medium fine, medium coarse and coarse.

Coffee grinding is set from the grinder. There, it is possible to choose the granulometry, which determines the level of difficulty for the water to pass during the preparation: the finer the powder, the more difficult it will be for the water to pass through; the thicker it is, the easier it will be.

In cases of fine grinding, for example, it is possible that the water does not even make the coffee go down, leaving the extraction extremely time-consuming, with the result not reaching expectations. In coarse grinding, the coffee will be passed quickly, becoming more watery.

Since the finer and coarser grounds are more difficult to extract, medium ground coffee automatically falls into a middle ground. It brings a better softness in the extraction, which allows to achieve a more satisfactory result.

This ground coffee resembles the texture of sand and crystal sugar, guaranteeing an excellent brewed coffee or even an espresso, in the case of medium fine grinding. With the aim of making it easier to see where you can make your medium-ground coffee, we have separated a list with the indication of each one:

Hario V60: medium coarse ground coffee;

Chemex: coarsely ground coffee;

Clever: coarsely ground coffee;

Globinho: coarsely ground coffee;

Italian coffee maker: medium fine ground coffee;

Pressca: medium-ground coffee;

Aeropress: medium ground coffee.

How to grind coffee?

Now that you know where you can prepare your medium-ground coffee, how about learning how to grind the beans to the desired granulometry? For this process, you need a coffee grinder, a blender or a mixer. Use crystal sugar as the main reference to achieve the desired grinding.

The grinding process is simple and similar in all appliances, it is necessary to grind the beans for about 2 to 5 seconds and take breaks between this time. In all, the procedure should take 1 to 2 minutes. Remember to grind small amounts at a time.

Among them, the blender is the most recommended for grinding coffee beans, both for the container and for its power and functions such as pulsating. If you use the mixer to grind, don’t forget to cover the container with your hand so that the beans don’t jump out.

If you love coffee, you’ve probably already considered buying coffee beans to have that fresh, fragrant drink available at home. Grinding the coffee on time preserves its aroma and ensures more freshness; however, not everyone has a coffee grinder at home.

You can also feel that the granulometry is correct through touch and visual comparison, grinding the coffee bean with the help of a rolling pin and an airtight bag. There is also the possibility of using a pestle and mortar.

If you opt for a rolling pin, remember that, as with electrical appliances, you need to grind the grain at intervals. First, place the beans in the airtight bag and roll the roll over it until you feel the husk has been broken. Then apply a little more pressure to ensure the grind.

If you prefer the pestle and mortar, it is necessary to grind 10 to 15 grams of grains at a time. As with a roller, you need to break the shell and then apply a little more pressure to grind efficiently. Put your hand to stop the beans from popping out.

How important is coffee grinding?

Freshly ground coffee is one of the most important steps to get a perfect result. This is because coffee undergoes the effects of oxidation when it comes into contact with oxygen; so, after grinding, it is important to extract it as soon as possible so that it does not age.

Once the beans are ground, the coffee aging process begins immediately, which causes a loss of flavor, aroma, texture and acidity. Therefore, when preparing your “coffee” at home, prefer to grind the beans on time if possible.


In this article, we show you how to grind coffee using mortar and pestle. And we also show you other electric and manual methods for grinding coffee.


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