How do you make ground coriander?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “How do you make ground coriander?” We will also discuss the different related queries you may have about ground coriander.

How do you make ground coriander?

Ground coriander can be easily made at home from coriander seeds. But of course, if you think it’s too much work, you can always get your ground coriander from the local supermarket. Let us discuss the process of making coriander powder at home:

  • Heat a pan at medium heat for about 2 minutes.
  • Add the coriander seeds to the heated pan and roast them until they are completely dry and darker in color. Stir them continuously for about 5 minutes. You can determine when the seeds are roasted from their fragrance.
  • Turn off the heat and transfer the seeds to a plate and let it cool for 20 minutes.
  • Now that the seeds are completely cooled, it’s time to grind the roasted seeds. Use a spice grinder to grind them. Make sure you shake the grinder a few times to ensure that the seeds are finely ground.
  • Transfer the ground coriander to an airtight container and store it in a cool place for longer storage.

Should we always roast the coriander seeds before making ground coriander?

Yes, you should always roast the coriander seeds properly before making ground coriander. If you are making the coriander powder at home, you should make sure that the coriander seeds are exposed to some heat before you grind them because the lesser the moisture, the better the coriander powder.

This will not just bring the best out of the coriander seeds, but also increases the shelf life of the coriander powder. Roasting the seeds will bring out deeper flavors and aromas than the non-roasted ones.

How to select coriander seeds before making ground coriander?

You can tell whether the coriander seeds are of good quality or not by their color. Good quality seeds are shiny with an amber tone while the bad ones are usually darker in color with dried out and withered texture. 

Another indicator of bad coriander seeds is they don’t have much of an aroma in comparison to the fresh high-quality ones. So make sure you take a good look at the seeds before selecting them to make ground coriander. 

You can sun dry the seeds to remove the excess moisture from the seeds for a better and smoother batch of ground coriander.

Is ground coriander the same as dhania powder?

Yes, ground coriander is the same as dhania powder.  Dhaniya powder is the Indian name for ground coriander or coriander powder. 

They both are the grounded version of dried coriander seeds so whether you call it ground coriander, dhaniya powder, or coriander powder, it’s the same thing.

What is ground coriander used to make?

Here’s how you can use ground coriander to spice up your recipes:

  • You can use coriander powder in all your curries, pickles, soups, and gravies. It goes well in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes.
  • It is also used as an ingredient in baking cakes, bread, and pastries like gingerbread.
  • Coriander powder also goes very well with mushrooms, tofu, and paneer.
  • Used to garnish meat as well as vegetable dishes.
  • You can use coriander powder to spice up even your bland vegetables like spinach. It adds a unique flavor to them.
  • Sprinkle over salads for that tangy flavor.

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How does ground coriander differ from coriander seeds?

While the coriander seed is a whole spice, ground coriander or coriander powder is the grounded form of coriander seeds. Unlike the flavor difference between fresh coriander leaves and dried seeds, the flavor difference between whole coriander seeds and ground coriander is mild. There isn’t much difference in terms of flavor and aroma. 

The whole coriander seeds give a more woody and citrusy flavor in comparison to their ground counterpart. The main contrast is in the way they are used while cooking. 

Coriander seeds just like many other spices are used at the beginning of cooking or with marinades to let the flavors absorb. On the other hand, coriander powder can be used at any time during the cooking process.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “How do you make ground coriander?” We have also discussed the different related queries you may have about ground coriander.


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