How do you make a sauce less spicy? (7 ways)

In this article, we answer a viral question: How do you make a sauce less spicy? We will give you seven alternatives for making a sauce taste less like fire, which you can use in emergencies, before or after the sauce is served!

How do you make a sauce less spicy?

If you want to make a sauce less spicy, there are many emergency solutions. Most of the time, just adding certain miracle foods is enough to restore the right balance in a recipe.

To make a sauce less spicy: Double the recipe.

The first thing to do to make up for a dish that is too spicy is to add a little of each food, making sure to respect the proportions of the recipe. 

Did you make a recipe for two? Make it for three! Depending on your dish, add apples, bananas, tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini. Pour in more tomato paste … This will increase the proportions but not those of the chili pepper and thus reduce its spicy taste. 

For example, when making a sauce for a couscous: you have to collect the vegetables in a dish, start a new sauce with tomato paste and water, and a touch of couscous spice, then let it simmer. When the sauce is good as it should be, immerse the vegetables you have previously collected in the other sauce, until boiling, do not leave them for long because they are already cooked. 

What will happen is that the vegetables are going to spread the excess spice or heat that they have absorbed in the new simple sauce and so it will be just right; then, you have to taste and adjust the salt.

For the initial sauce, which is too spicy, you have to reduce it over low heat and let it cool, then put it in a jar in the freezer and collect a little bit each time you make couscous to spice up your sauce.

Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to receive last-minute guests? 

To make a sauce less spicy: Add grated vegetables/Place the starchy foods.

Sometimes, a simple handful of grated vegetables like carrots or potatoes is all it takes to rebalance a dish’s flavors. Potatoes, like bread, act as a blotter. Peel a potato and incorporate it whole in your dish. Pass it through your sauté pan so that it absorbs as much spice as possible. Then throw it away. 

Note: This trick also works with a piece of bread, and in case of the too salty dish.

To make a sauce less spicy: Add sweet ingredients.

Sugar also can sweeten an overly spicy dish. Place a square in your pot, regularly mix until it melts completely. It’s ready! A pinch of caster sugar, a spoon of honey, or a dash of ketchup can calm the heat of a too spicy dish. Some cookers also add water to be sure of the result.

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To make a sauce less spicy: Go for peanut butter.

A spoonful of peanut butter or sesame paste can significantly reduce the spice levels.

To make a sauce less spicy: Dilute the taste of the chili.

If your dish can be thinner, add a ladle of broth or any other mild-tasting liquid to temper a dish’s overly spicy appearance. To soften the chili pepper’s heat in your curry, remove a few tablespoons of the sauce and complete with coconut milk or liquid cream. It will then be diluted in the liquid.

To make a sauce less spicy: Think about dairy products.

A spoonful of yogurt, light cream, milk, or coconut milk can also help temper the spice. Simply add a stirred yogurt to your preparation, mix, and you’re ready to go! A little Parmesan can also tone down the overly spicy flavor of a dish.

To make a sauce less spicy: Bring acidity.

Finally, try adding citrus juice, favoring lemon, or lime. These pair easily with a wide variety of flavors. Vinegar, tomato juice, and fresh pineapple, too, can neutralize the spices in a dish.

To make a sauce less spicy: Appease the fire of spices.

To soften the chili pepper’s heat and refresh the palate, serve bread or a thirst-quenching drink made with mint or lemon. As for the accompaniment, offer your spicy dish with a chutney or a tomato salad.

The bottom line

A sauce that is too spicy for your taste can be easily fixed if you add a few ingredients, such as vegetables, dairy products, citrus juice, or if you double the recipe!

Spicy sauces are perfect to accompany meat dishes such as fried meatballs, fried chicken wings. It is also delicious in fish and seafood recipes, like fried seafood cakes; it is also delicious to serve alongside vegetarian recipes such as fried tofu.

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