How do you make 6oz tomato paste into tomato sauce?

In this article, we will answer the question “How do you make 6 oz tomato paste into tomato sauce?”, and what to use if you do not have tomato sauce.

How do you make 6oz tomato paste into tomato sauce?

Mix 6oz tomato paste with 12oz water to make it into tomato sauce. Adjust the flavor of the resulting tomato sauce by adding your favorite seasonings. Use the right seasonings and in the correct amount to produce the flavor of the real tomato sauce.

⅜ cup tomato paste + ½ cup water=  1 cup tomato sauce
1 (6 ounces) can tomato pasteYields ¾ cup

Tomato conversions

A small tomato=3-4 ounces 
1 medium tomato =5-6 ounces 
1 large tomato =7 ounces 
1 cherry tomato=½-2 ounces 
3 medium round tomatoes =1 pound
8 plum tomatoes =1 pound
15-20 cherry tomatoes =1 pound
25-30 cherry tomatoes Yields 2 cups chopped 
1 pound fresh tomatoes Yields 1 ½ cup chopped 
1 pound fresh tomatoes Yields 3 cups pureed
2 ½ pound fresh tomatoes Yields 3 cups chopped, drained 
2 ½ pound fresh tomatoesYields 2 ½ cup seeded, chopped, cooked 
2 cups chopped tomatoes =1 pound 
1 (14½ ounce) can tomatoes=  5 to 6 whole or about 1 pound
1 (16 ounces) can tomatoes=2 cups 
1 (28 ounces) can tomatoes=3 cups 
1 (28 ounces) can tomatoes=10 to 12 whole or about 2 pounds
1 (35 ounces) can tomatoes=4 cups 
1 bushel of tomatoes =53 – 56 pounds
1 bushel of tomatoes =30 quarts 

What to use if you do not have tomato sauce?


Tomato paste instead of tomato sauce 

Tomato paste is the closest substitute for tomato sauce. All you have to do is to combine 1 part tomato paste and 1 part water until homogenous. Tomato sauce is seasoned with aromatic ingredients like herbs, garlic, olive oil, sugar, onion, etc. 

So, you will need to season your tomato sauce substitute with these flavor ingredients for it to mimic the flavor profile of tomato sauce. You get a more authentic tomato sauce taste if you cook the onion and garlic in oil, then stir in the tomato paste and water mixture. Simmer the sauce for a few minutes and add herbs.

Making tomato sauce out of canned tomatoes

You can work with this substitute whether you have whole, stewed, diced, or crushed canned tomatoes. As long as you have canned tomatoes, you are good. First and foremost, drain the can and set the tomatoes aside. Then puree the tomatoes in a food processor or a blender. 

If the puree is too runny, remove some of the water or cook it for some time until the desired thickness is achieved. If the canned tomatoes were unseasoned, you will need to add a bit of salt, oregano, basil, or any of your favorite seasonings.

If you cook the tomato sauce only to warm it through, you will get the consistency of a fresh tomato sauce. Cook for a bit longer to mimic the jarred tomato sauce consistency. 

More tomato sauce substitutes 

Say no to the following tomato sauce substitute if you intend to use it for a pasta dish. This substitute is more suitable for making a crockpot recipe such as a casserole, that only requires a mild tomato flavor.

Ketchup: Substitute every cup of tomato sauce with 1 cup of ketchup. Play with your favorite spices to tweak the flavor as desired. Basil is a good flavor option.

Tomato Soup: Use a 10 3/4-ounce can of tomato soup. Since tomato sauce has a lot of water, you will need to reduce the amount of any of the wet ingredients by ¼ cup in the recipe. Moreover, tomato soup has a mildly sweet flavor so, you will need to adjust the flavor by adding other seasonings. 

Use homemade tomato sauce 

Homemade tomato sauce has a rich flavor and it is homemade so you control what goes inside the sauce. All you need to make a good tomato sauce at home is lots of fresh tomatoes. Plus you do not need to peel, blanch or deseed the tomatoes. 

Homemade tomato sauce freezes quite well. Make sure to freeze the sauce in meal-sized portions in an air-tight container. This allows you to thaw just as much tomato sauce you need at once. Ideally, you should leave your tomato sauce to thaw in the fridge overnight. However, you can resort to a microwave when pressed for time.

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In this article, we answered the question “How do you make 6 oz tomato paste into tomato sauce?”, and what to use if you do not have tomato sauce.