How do you keep corn tortillas from breaking?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How do you keep corn tortillas from breaking” with an in-depth analysis of how do you keep corn tortillas from breaking. Moreover, we will have a brief discussion about why tortillas break.

Corn tortillas are a versatile ingredient that may be utilized in a variety of recipes. Many dishes benefit from their distinct Mexican flavor. Corn tortillas, on the other hand, are prone to shattering. When creating a saucy food like enchiladas, breakage is less of an issue, but collapsing tortillas can compromise the structural integrity of your tacos.

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How do you keep corn tortillas from breaking?

Corn tortillas are more likely to break than flour tortillas due to their stronger texture. They don’t have any extra fats, which contributes to the malleable nature of flour tortillas. 

Corn tortillas can break due to a variety of circumstances, including age, heat, or wetness. Understanding why your corn tortillas keep breaking will assist you in avoiding future breakage.

Keep them fresh

Stale corn tortillas are one of the most common causes of breakage. When a tortilla has been sitting for more than a few days, it is no longer flexible enough to roll or fill.

A typical tortilla, a bakery that solely creates fresh tortillas, is the greatest place to acquire fresh tortillas. Tortillas from the grocery generally fall short. Tortillas, on the other hand, are only available in areas with a large Mexican population, such as the Southwest.

You can always make your tortillas at home if you want to be sure they’re fresh. You can get a tortilla press from specialty grocery stores or order them online, and you’ll always have fresh corn tortillas on hand.

If you can’t find a fresh tortilla near you or don’t have the time to prepare your own, store-bought tortillas can suffice. All you have to do is make an effort to keep your tortillas fresh.

To avoid stale corn tortillas, use them as soon as possible after purchase. Once you’ve opened a package of corn tortillas, make sure to reseal them thoroughly to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Warm Them Up

When corn tortillas are cold, they become stiffer and more likely to break. Even a small amount of heat before you start rolling will help them become more flexible.

Depending on what is most convenient for you and what cuisine you are intending to create, there are various ways to fast heat tortillas.

Corn tortillas can be heated for less than a minute on each side on a dry grill or cast iron griddle. If you’re making tacos or tostadas, this method works best.

You can add a little oil to the pan if you’re creating enchiladas because the extra moisture will increase the flavor.

You may alternatively wrap your corn tortillas in a damp paper towel and heat them in the microwave or oven. This will warm your tortillas and is especially useful if you’re making enchiladas; however, tortillas heated in the microwave are too moist for tacos.

Moisture Retention

A lack of moisture is another cause of corn tortilla breakage. Corn tortillas that are a few days old or have been left outside for an extended period are prone to drying out. You may easily increase the moisture content of your tortillas before cooking them, which will prevent them from breaking. The microwave approach, which involves heating tortillas wrapped in a damp towel in the microwave, helps preserve moisture.

Using a steamer to add moisture to corn tortillas is another option. When putting the tortillas in the steamer basket, wrap them in a towel and leave them there for about 15 minutes after the water has come to a boil.

Make careful to keep an eye on your tortillas no matter which method you choose to add moisture to them. Allowing them to moisten for an extended period may cause them to become mushy and ruin your dish.

Make use of the sauce

You can use the sauce from a dish containing sauce, such as enchiladas, to moisten your tortillas. Before you start rolling, soak your tortillas in a little of your enchilada sauce. This will keep them wet and add flavor. Enchiladas, for example, are a saucy dish that will hide any little gaps in your tortillas. 

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “How do you keep corn tortillas from breaking” with an in-depth analysis of how do you keep corn tortillas from breaking. Moreover, we also have a brief discussion about why tortillas break.