How do you get Uber Eats cash? (+3 Delivery app pros)

In this article, we will be discussing how you can get Uber Eats cash. We will also mention certain ways through which customers can save money while ordering food through Uber Eats. Lastly, we will check out some of the advantages of using food delivery apps like Uber Eats and others.

How do you get Uber Eats cash?

You can get Uber cash by simply purchasing it on the app. In addition to this, you can also get it in the form of gift cards from others and credits when you are getting refunds from the app and even through Amex Premium benefits.. This Uber cash can be used when you are using Uber to get rides and Uber Eats when you want to order food.

How to save money on Uber Eats?

Those who use Uber Eats on a regular basis to order food know well how expensive the app can be, even if it is very practical and convenient to use. Some ways through which consumers can save money while ordering food through Uber Eats have been compiled below.

Never order when hungry

This is perhaps the biggest tip that customers can use when using a food delivery app like Uber Eats. When we are hungry, we often go for fatty and junk foods which often cost more. We also tend to go for the first option which can be an expensive one. However, if we take time to order before we feel hungry, we can be more calculative of the calories as well the expense.

Use the right filters

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats have amazing filters which can make the search process very easy and smooth. These filters can be used by the customers to bring up even the most inexpensive but tasty options from the large collection of restaurants. By using these filters, customers can save a lot of money in the app.

Check for promo codes and discounts

There are numerous promo codes and discounts which go around in food delivery apps. In Uber Eats, these can be found in the ‘Promo’ section and can be superbly useful for anyone who wants to save money. Even coupon codes from certain websites can be used in these food delivery apps to bring down the cost of dishes.

Avoid the busy fee

Uber Eats and other food delivery apps have a fee called the ‘Busy fee’ which is applied when the order is placed during peak hours. This is an unnecessary fee and can be easily avoided by placing the order at an earlier time. In Uber Eats, scheduled orders can also be exempt from this busy fee if it is placed beforehand.

Order larger portions

Uber Eats charges the customer a Small Order Fee if the order subtotal does not cross the minimum threshold. This is again, an unnecessary waste of money. To avoid this, the customer can simply add extra items to their cart. The leftovers can always be consumed later.

Get an Uber One membership

If the customer is someone who uses these food delivery apps on a regular and frequent basis, they can easily opt to get the membership. The membership plans can differ from platform to platform. In Uber Eats, this is called Uber One and brings the customer a wide range of advantages and benefits.

The biggest advantage of getting an Uber One membership is that the customer can enjoy zero delivery charges on an unlimited number of orders. They can also enjoy certain special offers and discounts which can be very cost-saving. The Uber One membership can be availed at a price of $9.99 per month or $99.99 for the whole year.

Advantages of using food delivery apps

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates have become all the more common today. These apps bring plenty of advantages to the customer such as the ones mentioned as follows.

Customers have access to more variety

Food delivery apps go the extra mile in ensuring that the customer has access to a whole lot of variety. The number of restaurants and eateries in these apps is simply enormous and it can make the customer overwhelmed sometimes. Customers can easily sift through these apps and find what tickles their palate with ease.

These apps are convenient to use

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats have made the process of dining a lot more convenient and simple. Customers do not have to worry about what is present in their fridge or whether they have enough groceries to cook a meal. Since these apps can be used at any time of the day, those who have very busy schedules can easily get access to hot meals when they are free.

They can save money

On the outside, it can seem like these apps cost a lot of money. But in truth, food delivery apps like Uber Eats and others can be cost-effective and can even help the customer save money. This is mainly through the presence of promo codes and discounts. Those who purchase the membership plans can also save a lot of money in these apps.


In this article, we have discussed how you can get Uber Eats cash. We have also mentioned certain ways through which customers can save money while ordering food through Uber Eats. Lastly, we have checked out some of the advantages of using food delivery apps like Uber Eats and others.

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