How do you fix undercooked mac and cheese?

In this article, we will answer the following question: How do you fix undercooked mac and cheese? We will give you the best tips to never undercook pasta again and teach you the right time to cook any type of pasta.

How do you fix undercooked mac and cheese?

You can fix undercooked mac and cheese in two ways. One is more simple, intuitive really, and the second one takes a longer time but it is more delicious. 

So, the first method is to cook the mac and cheese for a few more minutes. Add some butter in a pan, pour the undercooked mac and cheese, add some water so that the pasta doesn’t clump together. Cook for a few minutes and stir occasionally. 

The second way, which is my favorite, is to bake the undercooked mac and cheese. Grease a baking tray with a little olive oil and pour the pasta into it. Put pieces of cheese there and there or sprinkled on top.

With the oven already preheated 200 degrees, we introduce our tray. Depending on the ingredients chosen and the type of sauce, we will have to bake for 25 to 30 minutes. You’ll know the pasta is ready when a delicious smell comes out of the oven.

The cooking time varies depending on the type of oven and whether it has a turbo function. But don’t worry, it’s a matter of getting the point. In any case, do not forget to place the gratin tray during the last minutes.

And that is it, the dish is ready to serve and the night is saved!

Never undercook mac and cheese again – how to know when pasta is ready

Perfectly cooked pasta is called “al dente” in Italian (“to the tooth” is the English equivalent). Pasta al dente is cooked when it maintains a compact consistency while being completely flexible.

First, you cook the pasta following the package instructions. After the cooking time indicated on the package, or even a minute before, take pasta from boiling water with a fork.

When it has cooled down a little, taste it. If the paste is slightly chewy but doesn’t stick to your teeth, it’s perfect. If the pasta seems a bit stiff or rigid on the teeth, cook 1 minute longer and try to taste it again. Avoid overcooking the pasta.

Tips & Warnings: 

If you don’t want to taste the pasta, cut one in half. Then look at the cross-section. If you can see a difference between the center and the pasta’s outer ring, it is not cooked. If the pasta has a continuous tone, it is cooked. Remove the pasta from the heat when you think it is “al dente” and eat it immediately.

Italians never rinse pasta. Also, the “throw the pasta against the wall” method might be fun, but it’s not that reliable!

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How long to cook pasta – general rules

Today you will learn how long the pasta takes to be well cooked and a few more tips for you to enjoy each of its versions and presentations properly. 

If you cook fresh pasta

If you have made spaghetti from your fresh pasta, you should boil a liter of water in a pot adding two tablespoons of salt; when it starts to boil, pour the pasta, and lower the heat to simmer. Three minutes will do. If you have decided to make cannelloni, then apply the same process but the cooking time will be 6 minutes.

If you cook pasta in thermomix

The Thermomix does everything you want to do in the kitchen, and cooking pasta is one of those things that it does very well. To do this, you only need to add a liter of water to the appliance’s glass. Add salt and bring to a boil setting a temperature of 100 ° C at speed 1 for 6 minutes.

If you cook pasta in the microwave 

Cooking pasta in the microwave is super easy, the first thing is to find a microwave-safe bowl where you will pour a liter of salted water to taste, put the bowl in the microwave for about 5 minutes, and with some oven mitts, remove the bowl. Add the pasta, cover the container with plastic wrap, and put again for 6 minutes at maximum power. Ready.

If you cook pasta in an instant pot

The fabulous instant pot helps us solve a lot in the kitchen, especially with time. A good idea is to use it for cooking some delicious macaroni. You have to add to the bucket 5 cups of water, and 4 cups of macaroni, salt to taste, and pepper. 

Program the pot in the “turbo” menu with the valve closed for about 6 minutes. When you season them to drain, add two tablespoons of butter and you’re done.

Wholemeal pasta cooking time

When you have your water boiling, add the pasta you want to sew, lower the heat in your kitchen to a medium setting and leave the pasta for 8 minutes, some whole wheat pasta can take longer to cook so we recommend checking the packaging to make sure how long you should let her cook.

Now you have at hand the necessary knowledge to start enjoying pasta in all its versions a lot and preparing it in different ways with any utensil or appliance you have in your kitchen.

Final thoughts

The cooking time of the pasta will depend on both the type of pasta that is used and the type of appliance that we use to cook. An example of this is that microwave cannelloni take less time than spaghetti al dente.

But, if you undercooked your pasta dish, there are ways to fix it, do not worry! As we have mentioned above, if you have undercooked mac and cheese, you can either throw the mixture in a pan (or a microwave for that matter) or transform the recipe entirely and make delicious baked mac and cheese!

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