How do you drop an egg without breaking it?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how do you drop an egg without breaking it” with an in-depth analysis of the ways through which you can safely drop the eggs without any breakage. Moreover, we are going to highlight how an egg drop experiment works.

How do you drop an egg without breaking it?

Some of the ways that can be followed to drop an egg without breaking it are to put something soft under the egg, cushion the egg with something, and change the direction of the egg that will hit the land. The main purpose behind these preventative effects is to control the pressure and force exerted on the eggs by hitting the hard surface at the bottom.

Ways to drop an egg without breaking it:

Some of the ways that can be followed to prevent the breakage of eggs on dropping are described as follows.

The icing of egg:

  • Take a large and deep bowl. The bowl should be large enough to hold the water and egg.
  • Take water in the bowl to the level that the bowl is half-filled with it.
  • Add crushed ice in the bowl.
  • Place the egg in the ice water and let it leave for about 10 minutes.
  • Take it out and try to drop it. The egg would not break.

Cushioning of the egg:

In this method, you need to cushion the egg with some other materials to give protection to the eggs. For this, follow some of the steps given below:

  • Take cereals and surround the egg with these cereals. The best is to choose some puffy cereals, such as flakes. These cereals will distribute the force to reduce the impact of dropping.
  • Take a wet paper towel and wrap it around the egg.
  • Place the wrapped egg in a plastic bag and cover the plastic bag with a puffed cereal.
  • Take four other plastic bags and fill them with the cereals in the same way. But, do not put eggs in them.
  • Place all the cereal puffed plastic bags in a large resealable bag. Be careful that the egg-containing bag should be in the middle, surrounded by other plastic bags.
  • Once the wrapping is done, drop the egg. Surely, it will not break.
  • You can also try marshmallows or popcorns as they are airy and soft foods and can provide the best cushioning effect to the eggs on dropping.

Changing the direction of egg drop:

  • Make a rack by placing the egg at the center of the box, using a pair of nylon stockings.
  • For placing, cut off the leg of stockings and place the egg inside this leg and tie it with a rubber band.
  • The egg should be positioned in the center of the box by adjusting the egg and stockings in the box.
  • Drop the egg in a box and it will not break.

Placing something under the egg:

You can use various things, such as a net, cushions, or any other cloth under the egg. Drop the egg and it will strike the things placed under instead of hitting the ground. In this way, the breakage can be prevented.

Working of the falling experiment:

The dropping of an egg in a way that it does not break is a classic experiment that has been trending for a very long time. The main purpose behind doing this activity is the recreation by which you can have a momentous time and fun.

It can also be related to some physics as it mainly involves managing the forces and reduction of such forces through different means. In this regard, it can be used in teaching also as it can help the students to develop a better understanding through visual experiments.

The egg, when dropped on a surface, breaks. But, by adopting some measures, you may prevent this breakage, for example, soaking an egg in saltwater and then dropping it along with a bottle or pot containing water. The dropping puts a striking force at the area where it hits the ground.

The putting of egg in salt water can have a preventative effect on the eggshell. The water inside ticing to the container can distribute the pressure through water and prevent breakage.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “how do you drop an egg without breaking it” with an in-depth analysis of the ways that can be adapted to drop the egg safely without breaking them. Moreover, we discussed what the working of this experiment is.