How do steakhouses cook their steaks?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how do steakhouses cook their steaks” with an in-depth analysis of the way steak is cooked in steakhouses. 

How do steakhouses cook their steaks?

Shula’s corporate chef and culinary director Demetrio Zavala firstly seasons the steak with salt and pepper and once the pan starts to smoke lightly, he adds a teaspoon of canola oil and places the steak in the pan. 

Afterward, he allows the steak to cook for about 2 minutes on each side to achieve a medium-rare level of doneness and add butter, fresh thyme, and whole garlic cloves to the pan and performs the process of basting which involves spooning this butter on the steak and due to this process steak become moistened and flavorsome.

Tips to cook your steaks like a steakhouse

Selection of meat

For making steaks, steakhouses choose USDA prime-grade meat. Usually, the owners or the head of the cooking department remain in close contact with slaughterhouses and butchers. They prefer to select meat cuts for steaks by themselves.

The meat is selected based on type and texture.

USDA Prime grade meat is most expensive and contains an internal meat fat concentration that is suitable for making a juicy steak. This type of meat is not usually available at common markets or meat shops.

After selecting the USDA prime grade meat it is made sure that its marbling is properly done and is tender enough for being cooked as a luscious steak. Some extra fat is removed. Meat from young cows is mostly preferred due to its tenderness and juicy texture.

It is worth mentioning that the fresher the meat is the more delicious the steak will be. So, most steakhouses use fresh meat for making steaks. Freezing the meat can take a toll on quality. Freezing can cause the formation of ice crystals within the meat structure. If the meat is not properly thawed or defrosted, these ice crystals restrict the proper cooking of the steaks at optimum time and temperature. 

Also, freezer burns are evident when meat is frozen for quite some time. This may result in the loss of tenderness and juicy texture of steaks.

Thickness of steak

When it comes to the thickness of the steak, most of the steakhouses go for thick steaks and their steaks are well over an inch thick.

Usage of the right equipment

Use of the perfect equipment which should also be nicely cleaned is crucial for making a good steak. Many large steakhouses use grills or broilers for making steaks. 

Steaks require high temperatures to get cooked. This temperature is either achieved through direct heating at a grill or pan or by using infrared rays in broilers. 

It is worth mentioning that using infrared rays in broilers produces considerably high temperatures that are suitable for cooking steak along with maintaining its texture.

Moreover, the chefs that are considered experts in making steaks have a habit of cleaning the cooking apparatus before cooking steaks. This removes all the particles and grease that are present on the pan or grill top, providing a smooth flow of heat throughout the meat.

Resting of the meat

Before cooking a steak, the desired meat cuts are allowed to rest. This step is required so that the meat can be brought to normal room temperature after being pulled out of the refrigerator. It is recommended to let the steaks rest at room temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes before cooking.

Meat aging

Before making it into a steak, meat undergoes the process of aging. In this process, meat is stored in a room with controlled conditions such as humidity and temperature between a period of 3 to 6 weeks. 

Meat is aged by two procedures:

Wet aging: 

In this process, steak meat is kept in airtight plastic bags for 3 days to 6 weeks. The resulting meat is perfect for producing a juicy steak as it has a super soft and tender texture.

Dry aging: 

In dry aging, meat is cut into large pieces and stored in a room with controlled and closely monitored conditions of temperature and humidity. Meat is allowed there for 3 to 7 weeks.

After the aging is done, dry-aged meat is cut into steak meat cuts and cooked presenting a rich 


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At steak houses, steaks get their luscious taste because of heavy seasoning. This seasoning consists of loaded amounts of salt along with oregano and other spices.


The steakhouses use a lot of butter while cooking their steaks, so if you want to give your steaks that same touch, you can also go ahead and cook your steak in a good amount of butter.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “how do steakhouses cook their steaks” with an in-depth analysis of the way steak is cooked in steakhouses. 


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