How do I report a problem with Uber Eats? (+3 Cons of Uber Eats)

In this article, we will discuss how you can report a problem with Uber Eats. We will also check out some of the salient features that are present in this platform. Furthermore, we will mention some of the disadvantages of using Uber Eats to order food. Uber Eats is present in more than 45 countries and serves more than 21 million users today.

How do I report a problem with Uber Eats?

If you want to report a problem with Uber Eats, you can easily do so through the ‘Help’ section in the app. In this section, you will find many FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions covering a variety of topics. Just click on the one that suits your predicament the most. Uber Eats will immediately ask you more questions to gather more details about the problem.

As an alternative, you can also call the toll-free number in Uber Eats. This number is 1(800) 253-6882 and will put you in touch with a customer support representative. This number can be used if the problem you are having is unique and requires a lot of explaining. However, to talk to someone using this number can take some time.

Salient features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has been wisely stocked with a large number of features that make it one of the most popular food delivery apps in the world today. Some of the salient features that are present in Uber Eats have been described in the points below.

Uber Eats allows group ordering

Uber Eats allows group orders to be placed in the app. This feature was present early on but then removed in between and reintroduced more lately. The best part about this group ordering feature is that the bill can be split easily between the various members of the party. The bill can also be paid for by any single member.

It has a useful map feature

There is a very useful map feature in Uber Eats that makes it super easy for anyone to explore their surroundings. To use this map feature, the person simply has to pick a certain location on the map that has been given, after which they will be shown the various restaurants that are operating nearby.

It allows orders to be placed in advance

Uber Eats also allows its customers to place an order much in advance. The orders can be placed up to a week in advance through the app. However, the scheduled ordering feature may not be present in all the restaurants. The great thing about this feature is that there is no change in the delivery fee for this convenience.

It has live tracking features

There is also a live tracking feature in Uber Eats. This live tracking feature can be used by the customer to be updated about the whereabouts of their food order currently. In addition to the live tracking, the customer also gets regular alerts through the means of push notifications. The customer can change the settings in order to receive these alerts via SMS or even email.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats has a membership plan that can bring a plethora of advantages for the customers. The Uber One membership can be purchased at a price of $9.99 and guarantees that the customer need not pay any delivery charges as long as the fee is above the minimum limit. In addition to this advantage, the customer will also get advantages such as special offers and promo codes.

It uses smart filters

The Uber Eats app is fitted with very smart filters that make it a cake-walk to sift through the sea of options. These filters are designed to bring up a variety of options in several categories, such as cuisine types, dietary requirements and even price ranges. The algorithms in the app also bring up pretty great recommendations based on the past ordering history.

It has a large collection of restaurants

There is also a large collection of restaurants in Uber Eats that the users will simply love. Uber Eats does a pretty great job of partnering with restaurants from every crevice of the city and thus customers can find their local gems as well as far away treasures in the same app. The collection is also designed to cater to everyone’s palate as well as everyone’s wallet.

Disadvantages of Uber Eats

While Uber Eats certainly has plenty of advantageous features, there are some disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages of Uber Eats have been listed as follows.

  • Uber Eats does not have a permanent delivery fleet. And thus, the independently contracted delivery drivers are not exactly trained. Hence, the quality of service may differ from person to person.
  • The delivery time can depend on many factors like weather and traffic. Therefore, quick delivery is not always guaranteed.
  • There are a numerous number of fees involved in Uber Eats, like the service fee, the Small Order fee and the Busy fee which the customers can find atrocious at times. The prices of the meals in Uber Eats are also slightly higher than those at the restaurant, which can be a major discouraging factor.


In this article, we have discussed how you can report a problem with Uber Eats. We have also checked out some of the salient features that are present in this platform. Furthermore, we have mentioned some of the disadvantages of using Uber Eats to order food.

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