How do I pay later with Uber Eats? (+7 Tips for customers)

This post will discuss how you can pay later with Uber Eats. We will also be discussing various ways through which you can save money while ordering food on Uber Eats. Furthermore, we will be checking out the actual reasons why food delivery apps like Uber Eats are more popular now than ever.

How do I pay later with Uber Eats?

To pay for your food later with Uber Eats, you can use an app like ePayLayer or Zip, as the option is not explicitly available in the app itself. Using these apps, you can set up an UPI account and use this ID to pay for your meals after they have been delivered. Zip requires you to pay 25% of the order subtotal now and then pay the rest in installments.

How to save money while ordering on Uber Eats?

Those who use Uber Eats on a regular basis to order their food know well how heavy this app can be on their wallets. Here are a few ways using which you can save money on Uber Eats, or any other food delivery app.

Never order when you are famished

The biggest mistake you can make on a food delivery app is ordering when you are extremely hungry. This will be bad for your wallet as well as your body as you tend to order more fatty and junk foods when you are hungry. The key is to order or pre-order healthy meals before your usual meal time, where you can take the time to browse inexpensive options at your leisure.


Avoid the peak hours

Peak hours can differ from region to region, but are mostly lunch hours and post work hours on weekdays and weekend evenings. Since the demand is much higher during these times, food delivery apps like Uber Eats often charge a busy fee. Ordering at times other than peak hours can help customers avoid these busy fees.

Avoid the small order fee

Small order fees are present in almost every other food delivery app. This small order fee is charged for those orders that do not meet the minimum limit that has been set in the app. To avoid this small order fee, customers can simply place additional items in their cart. They can even ask their friends or coworkers to add items to avoid this fee.

Get an UberOne

Uber Eats has a monthly subscription called Uber One which can be availed at a monthly cost of $9.99. This subscription was earlier called Eats Pass and gives the customer plenty of perks and advantages. The biggest advantage that customers can enjoy while using Uber One is that they do not have to pay any delivery fees for their orders.

Use the filters in the app

Uber Eats has a smart use of artificial intelligence in its user interface. The app uses many filters through which the customer can explore restaurants and meals as per their needs and requirements. These filters can also bring up the most inexpensive restaurant options for the customers when it has been turned on appropriately.


Choose the pickup feature

One of the biggest fees in Uber Eats is the delivery fee, which is the payment for using the services of the delivery person in the app. A smart way to avoid this delivery fee is to choose the pick-up option which can be very suitable for those restaurants which are pretty close by. By choosing this option, the customer will be saving money on delivery fees.

Check out the promo codes

The Uber Eats app often rolls out special offers and discounts on certain restaurants. This is usually done as part of the marketing strategies of various restaurants, especially those that are new and upcoming. In a bid to show gratitude towards a loyal customer, the app may also provide certain specific promo codes for them which can be a great winner on the wallet.

Why are food delivery apps so popular?

There is a reason why there are so many food delivery apps coming up today – popularity. No matter the large numbers of these apps in the market, there are always customers for each of them. Some of the reasons why these food delivery apps, like Uber Eats, are so popular in today’s market have been explored in the section below.

  • They can be lifesavers for those who have very busy schedules or those who do not have kitchen facilities in their home. This can also be useful for those who do not know how to cook.
  • These food delivery apps cleverly curate a wide collection of restaurants, offering a variety of menu options, cuisines and even price ranges to cater to the needs and requirements of every type of customer.
  • The food is also delivered in a very short span of time in a variety of ways. Customers can choose no-contact deliveries and even choose to pick up the food from the restaurant by themselves if they wish to.

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This post has discussed how you can pay later with Uber Eats. We have also discussed various ways through which you can save money while ordering food on Uber Eats. Furthermore, we have checked out the actual reasons why food delivery apps like Uber Eats are more popular now than ever.

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