How do I close my Uber Eats restaurant? (+5 Cons of Uber Eats)

This article will explain how you can close your Uber Eats restaurant. We will also mention a few things restaurants can do to increase their business in Uber Eats. Finally, we will check out some of the disadvantages of being an Uber Eats restaurant. Uber Eats not only is great for customers but also brings plenty of profit for millions of restaurants worldwide.

How do I close my Uber Eats restaurant?

You can close your Uber Eats restaurant or have it removed from the Uber Eats platform by filling up the form given. In this form, you will need to choose the ‘I want to remove my business from the Uber Eats platform’ option and then fill out your details. As an alternative, you can also call the number given just before the form begins.

How can Uber Eats restaurants increase their business?

A large percentage of restaurants today are partnering with Uber Eats and other On-Demand food delivery apps in a bid to improve their profit margins. However, it is not only enough that the restaurateur is signing up with Uber Eats. They should also deal in smart ways to drum up business. Some effective ways to do so have been described in this section:

Check out the Uber blog section

The Uber blog section is filled with numerous tips and tricks that any restaurant can make use of. This blog section is created for the use of not only those restaurants who have partnered with Uber Eats but also for those who have not yet. The various techniques mentioned in this blog section are sure to get more customers ordering from the restaurant.

Create a website

A restaurant is not only about their menu and their food. It is also about their story. Many restaurants are also great story-tellers and can easily tug at the heartstrings of customers. To bring the restaurant’s story to the world, they can start by creating a website where they showcase themselves freely. A QR code with the website link can be given in the packaging.

Optimize your menu

It is also important to optimize and tailor the menu to fit in with the Uber Eats crowd. This means sorting the items out into various attractive categories. This also means highlighting those items which can be delivered with the best quality and intent so that the customer enjoys the meal as fresh as possible.

Decrease your prep time

One main thing customers hate is delayed orders. This is especially during peak hours when the customers are bound to be really hungry. And thus, restaurants in Uber Eats very much need to ramp up their preparation techniques and tactics to deal with famished customers who are desperately waiting for their order.

Look out for ratings and reviews

Another important thing that restaurants can make use of is the ratings and reviews from customers in Uber Eats. These ratings and reviews not only show if the customer has liked the food order or not, but can give information about the most popular dishes and what changes can be made to the menu to better suit the customer’s needs and requirements.

Get featured on Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a featured section in its homepage where it showcases certain restaurants that are highly rated in a certain category. The categories are many and can change day after day. Restaurants that ‘get featured’ here are often thrown to the customers first and thus are bound to get more orders. The categories can be in terms of cuisine type, price range and even location.

Give out promos and offers

Another age-old marketing tactic that still works today is promos and offers. Customers often look for promos and offers in Uber Eats as they would obviously want to save money on the app. While promos and offers cannot be given on a daily basis, the restaurant needs to be smart about which offer to give on which day. This is basically attracting more flies with honey.

Start a loyalty program

Many restaurants in Uber Eats also give their customers certain loyalty programs. These programs can be given to those customers who order frequently from the restaurant. This can not only motivate them to keep ordering from the restaurant but can also get new customers through word of mouth.

Disadvantages of being an Uber Eats restaurant

While partnering up with Uber Eats is certainly a great idea, it can come with a few disadvantages, such as,

  • The restaurant has no control over the delivery person’s services and this can lessen the quality of many orders
  • Restaurants need to pay a fee to Uber Eats which can be expensive for them. This is the main reason why many restaurants quit Uber Eats after partnering up for a while
  • A large number of customers are not always guaranteed as the success of the partnership depends on plenty of factors
  • Customers are also charged extra in terms of delivery fees and other fees which can be discouraging for them
  • Sides and drinks may not be added by the customer for delivery as these are cheaper to get from the store or are always present in the customer’s fridge. This can lead to a further loss for the restaurant


This article has explained how you can close your Uber Eats restaurant. We have also mentioned a few things restaurants can do to increase their business in Uber Eats. Finally, we have checked out some of the disadvantages of being an Uber Eats restaurant.

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