How do I chat in Uber Eats? (+5 Steps to drive for UE)

This article will explain how you can chat in Uber Eats. In addition to this, we will be discussing how you can become a driver for Uber Eats. Lastly, we will mention a list of tips or suggestions that delivery persons for Uber Eats can use to earn more money on this app. Uber Eats operates across six continents and is one of the fastest growing food delivery platforms today.

How do I chat in Uber Eats?

If you want to chat in Uber Eats, you can simply go to the Help Page of Uber.  The customer support of Uber and Uber Eats is always and most conveniently reachable through live chat. As an alternative, you can also use their Twitter handle and tag them in an issue or problem. Furthermore, you can also contact the customer support through 800-253-9377.

How to become a driver for Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is not only sought after by customers to order tasty food. It also is a source of income to thousands of delivery persons all over the world. These drivers are categorized as independently contracted gig workers. To become a driver and deliver food orders on Uber Eats, you can use the steps described as follows.

  • You will first need to check if you have certain requirements such as a valid driver’s license and a vehicle like a car or a scooter. Uber Eats also allows you to deliver food orders through a bicycle and even on foot. You also must cross the minimum age to drive in your respective cities.
  • Next, you can fill up the sign-up sheet that is present in the Uber Eats website. Here, you will need to provide your name, your email id and also create a password for your account. If you have an invite code from a friend, you can enter this as well.
  • Once you have created your account, you will need to log in when you are ready to deliver. The Uber Eats app will automatically show you different food delivery requests that are near you. You can click on any of these and accept the request.
  • The app will automatically show you the navigation route to the restaurant and also toward the address of the customer. In case you need any assistance, you can easily reach out to the support via live chat.
  • Once you have completed the order, you will be entitled to payment which can be withdrawn weekly. You will be paid for every completed order and also earn a per-mile rate.

Suggestions for delivery drivers in Uber Eats

Delivering food for Uber Eats can be a smart and convenient way through which you can earn some quick money. However, it is different for those delivery persons who are doing this fulltime and thus need smart ways to earn their bread and butter. Some suggestions or tips that delivery drivers in Uber Eats can use in their work have been described as follows.

  • Delivery drivers in Uber Eats must always practice great customer service as this can reflect positively on their tips. The customer needs to always be greeted with a smile and wished a good day. Delivery drivers can also call or message the customer about changes in their order or any delays in the food delivery.
  • Delivery drivers need to be aware of the time slots in which they are making their deliveries. Uber Eats pays more when orders are being picked up and delivered during peak hours. In cities, these hours are usually between 11 am to 2 pm for lunch and post-work hours. Delivering food on weekends can also bring in more cash to the delivery driver.
  • Drivers also need to be smart about the orders that they are picking up in Uber Eats. If the location is too far away, they will be spending too much on gas and may even waste more time. It also pays to learn about the restaurants and their processes. Restaurants which are mismanaged can eat into your precious time.
  • Ensuring that the items are being packed and carried properly is another tip that delivery drivers need to remember. Drivers often carry their food using an insulated bag. The hot foods and cold foods must be kept separate from each other in order to maintain the quality of the dish from the restaurant to the customer’s table.
  • Gas can be quite expensive and this can pile up to an excessive amount if the delivery is being done through car or scooter. One way to avoid this is to use a bicycle. Using a bicycle for deliveries will ensure that you are saving plenty of money on fuel and can also help you avoid parking tickets. Furthermore, Uber Eats will automatically provide a smaller route.
  • If the customer is opting for a contactless delivery, one thing to remember is to take a picture of the food on the customer’s doorstep in order to avoid misunderstandings. While taking the picture, remember to include the insulated bag in the background.


This article has explained how you can chat in Uber Eats. In addition to this, we have discussed how you can become a driver for Uber Eats. Lastly, we have mentioned a list of tips or suggestions that delivery persons for Uber Eats can use to earn more money on this app.

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