How do I add my phone number to Uber Eats? (+5 Uber Eats features)

This article will explain how you can add your phone number to Uber Eats. We will also be explaining how you can place an order in Uber Eats and have it delivered to you. In addition to this, we will check out some of the versatile features that are available in Uber Eats. Uber Eats is one of the best On-Demand food delivery apps today and operates across 45 countries.

How do I add my phone number to Uber Eats?

To add your phone number to Uber Eats, or simply change it in your account, you can use the steps that have been described below.

  • You will first need to sign into your Uber Eats account
  • Then, go to the ‘Account’ option and then tap on the ‘Edit Account’ option. You will find this located at the upper part of the screen
  • Here, you will find the various details of your account, including your phone number
  • Tap on the contact detail that you want to change and enter your new phone number
  • Uber Eats will immediately ask you to verify your account through a verification code or your current password
  • This will confirm the changes that you have made to your Account and save them for later use

How to place an order in Uber Eats?

If you want to place an order in Uber Eats, you can follow the steps explained in the following section.

  • You will first need to sign in to your Uber Eats account
  • If you have your location turned on, Uber Eats will identify it and show you the various restaurants that are operating nearby
  • You can either sift through the various options manually or even use the filters in the app to find what the option you are looking for. By using these filters, you can find different options based on the price ranges, the cuisine type and even specific nutritional requirements such as sugar-free or fat-free
  • Once you have found the restaurant of your choice, you can go ahead and add the food items that you want to your cart. You can also edit the portion size and add accompaniments to the meal as well. You can then tap on the ‘View Cart’ option to see the items placed in your cart and see if everything that you need is present in it
  • You can then go to the payment part by tapping on the ‘Pay’ option. You can choose from different payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking and even digital wallets. You can also add a tip for your Uber Eats driver in this step
  • Once you have made the payment, Uber Eats will notify you of the various proceedings in your food order by means of push notifications. You will also be contacted by the delivery driver if they are having any troubles reaching your address

Features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a large collection of features that users are bound to love. Some of the best features of Uber Eats have been explained in the following points.

Uber Eats has a scheduled ordering feature

There is a scheduled ordering feature in Uber Eats through which the users can place orders much beforehand. The orders can be placed up to seven days in advance. Once the order has been placed, the customer will receive alerts of the proceedings of the order. This feature has made the lives of many scatterbrained people much easier.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats which can make it super easy for someone to explore the restaurant options in a certain area. To use the map feature, the user needs to simply select a certain location on the map that has been given, after which they will be shown the different eateries that they can order from in a close range.

It allows group orders

Group orders can also be placed in Uber Eats. The group orders in Uber Eats can be created by any one member of the group to which the rest of the members can easily add their own items.  The items can be from one place or multiple places as well. There is also a bill-splitting feature available in Uber Eats, making it a lot easier for the users.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats gives out a membership plan called Uber One. This can be availed at a price of $9.99 per month. Those who want a longer subscription can opt for the yearly subscription at a cost of $99.99. The main advantage of this Uber One membership is that the users can enjoy zero delivery charges on all their orders.

It has very smart filters

There are also very smart filters in Uber Eats. Through the use of these filters, the customers can sift through the various restaurants that are present in the app. The app also uses artificial intelligence through which the user is recommended new restaurants based on the data in their order history.


This article has explained how you can add your phone number to Uber Eats. We have also explained how you can place an order in Uber Eats and have it delivered to you. In addition to this, we have checked out some of the versatile features that are available in Uber Eats.

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