How do Door Dashers get paid? (+3 Tips for Dashers)

This post will answer how DoorDashers get paid. We will also see how much money DoorDashers can earn while delivering for this food delivery app. Furthermore, we will be checking out some of the advantages that Dashers enjoy while working for DoorDash and also mention a few tips that new Dashers can follow to earn more money.

How do DoorDashers get paid?

DoorDashers can opt to get paid every week through a direct deposit in their bank accounts. They can also choose to get paid daily with a feature called DasherDirect, which is only available in the United States. Delivery persons for DoorDash can additionally withdraw their earnings once every day through Fast Pay that charges $1.99 for every transfer.

How much money can DoorDashers make?

DoorDashers can easily make an average $22 for every hour. This includes the service fees from the food delivery app and also the tips that are added by the customers. The Dashers in this food delivery app are entitled to 100% of all their tips. Furthermore, the delivery persons are paid extra when they work during busy hours or when they have completed certain deliveries.

Advantages of being a DoorDasher

More and more individuals are choosing to sign up for DoorDash and other food delivery apps as delivery persons. For some it can be a part-time gig while many others do this full-time. Some of the advantages of working in DoorDash as a delivery person, or a Dasher, have been noted as follows.

Dashers can work from anywhere and at any time

The best part about working for any food delivery app as a delivery person is the high levels of flexibility. This type of industry allows the delivery person to work from anywhere and at any time. This is mainly because there is always a demand for food delivery especially in large cities and busy hours.

They can be their own boss

Delivery persons for DoorDash or Dashers can create their own timings and schedule and delivery whenever they want to. They can also choose their locations. Dashers can also take days off whenever they wish to. The great thing about being a Dasher is that there is always a job available.


Great for introverts

Being a delivery person for DoorDash also means very less social interaction and communication when compared to other jobs. The delivery persons in DoorDash and other food delivery apps only need to interact when needed and thus, this gig can be superb for those who are introverted in nature.

It is pretty safe

DoorDash is also a relatively safe work option for all genders. This is mainly due to the fact that most customers choose to pay online and thus the Dasher does not need to carry large amounts of cash on them all the time. DoorDash also has a SafeDash feature which puts the Dasher in touch with an ADT agent who stays on the line until the person feels safe again.


Pay can be increased or decreased

When a Dasher becomes familiar with the workings of DoorDash, they can easily predict the earnings they will make and also the timings at which the pay will be much higher. Thus, they not only enjoy control of their hours, but can also control the amount of money they make. Dashers can earn more while working in peak hours and hotspot areas.

Delivery can be done through various ways

To become a Dasher for DoorDash, one does not need a car. They can do deliveries through scooters as well. However, the person is required to have the necessary license and age limit for this. In addition to cars and scooters, DoorDash also allows persons to deliver by bicycle which is not only good for the Dasher’s health but also the environment.

The pay is quick

Another advantage of working for DoorDash as a Dasher is that the payments are made weekly. Thus, there is always a steady flow of cash as long as the orders are being completed regularly. As compared to other types of jobs, the Dasher does not need to wait until the end of the month or two weeks to get their hard earned money in hand.

Tips for Dashers to earn more money

Dashers who are familiar with the policies of DoorDash always tend to work smarter and not only harder to bring in more money. Some tips and suggestions that novice Dashers can use to earn more while delivering food, have been mentioned as follows.

  • Deliver during peak hours to bring in more money. This is mainly as DoorDash pays extra because the demand is pretty high during these times. To find the Peak Pay timeslots, Dashers can click on the ‘Promos’ section.
  • If you are familiar with a certain area, you will notice that there are certain hotspots where you are bound to receive a higher number of orders. When you are not delivering, you can hang out in these spots to be first in line for any deliveries.
  • Practice great customer service like alerting the customer of delayed deliveries or changes in the order. You can also make sure you smile and wish the customer a good day as this will reflect positively on your tips.


This post has answered how DoorDashers get paid. We have also seen how much money DoorDashers can earn while delivering for this food delivery app. Furthermore, we have checked out some of the advantages that Dashers enjoy while working for DoorDash and also mentioned a few tips that new Dashers can follow to earn more money.

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