How big is a medium onion

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “How big is a medium onion?” and answer other related questions like “What are the different types of onions?”

How big is a medium onion?

Medium onions are generally 2″ to 3 ¼″ inches in diameter. Onions come in many different sizes. 

The type of onion being grown depends upon the season it is grown and consumed. They are a staple in every household. 

  • The measure is a relative figure. Because no two onions will ever have the same dimension.
  • Every onion however big or small it may be has the same amount of richness in terms of an ingredient when used in preparing a dish.
  • Like every other vegetable onion also is categorized into three different sizes. That is; small, medium, and large.
  • Small-sized onions: small onions are 1″ to ¼″ inches in diameter. On average they weigh somewhere around 3-5 ounces.
  • Medium-sized onions: medium onions are 2″ to 3 ¼″ inches in diameter. They weigh somewhere around 6-8 ounces.
  • Large-sized onions: large onions are around 3″ inches and bigger in diameter. The measure is between 10-12 ounces.
  • Nearly every dish uses onions as a primary vegetable. They mix well with a lot of different vegetables. Therefore, choosing the right type of onion for whatever you’re cooking will greatly help in achieving the best results when it comes to preparing delicious dishes.
  • There are many different types of onions.
  • Yellow onions are the standard type. They are the most commonly used cooking onions. Whenever a specific type of onion is not mentioned in a recipe, yellow onions are used by default. These are good for all recipes. Especially when used for caramelizing.
  • Sweet onions are quite popular. They have different types of varieties available. Vidalias, Walla Wallas and Mauis are all different types of sweet onions. These varieties are pretty well-known. They usually have pale yellow skin. The inside may look white but in actuality, they are yellow. Such types of onions are used as’ garnishing’ in many dishes. These are sweet with a very mild pungent flavor.
  • Red onions have a strong flavor. Such types of onions usually have a peppery, spicy flavor to them. They are widely used for pickling. Red onions sit well with equally strong flavored vegetables such as green chillies, kale etcetera.
  • White onions too have a strong flavor. Unlike red onions, they leave a milder after taste. White onions are a popular choice of ingredient among the different varieties of onions in various Mexican dishes.
  • There are two more types of onions, shallots and scallions and are altogether different types of onions.
  • Some onions are used as it is in many dishes. They do not require any form of cutting/chopping.
  • To put it in simple terms, a medium onion tastes just as good as a large or small-sized onion. Its dimensions can not be defined with full accuracy.
  • All onions are full of nutrients. They are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Onions are low in calories. A lot of recipes use onions as the primary ingredient.
  • Medium-sized onions are used as a whole in many different cuisines. Onions are a staple in kitchens around the world. They give flavor to all dishes and can be consumed either raw or cooked. They are very versatile by nature and are one of the healthiest vegetables.
  • All recipes demand that onions be cut and used in a specific manner. They may be used as a whole (medium onions) or they may be finely diced (large onions)  or may simply be cut in round layered shapes etc.
  • The key point which is important here is the quality of onions. One should learn to differentiate between good and bad quality onions. Size does not define the taste, freshness, and goodness of onions.

What is an onion?

Onion belongs to the family Allium’. Onions are of many types. It is a type of plant. It belongs to the same category of plants as chives, garlic, and leeks. Onion has a characteristic pungent flavor. It also has several medicinal and health benefits. Onions vary in size, shape, color, and flavor. Depending upon the type of onion the taste can range from sweet and juicy to sharp, spicy, and pungent.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed and answered the query, “How big is a medium onion?” and answered other related questions like “What are the different types of onions?”