Hario Manual Coffee Grinder (Review)

In this brief guide, we will be reviewing the “Hario manual coffee grinder” discussing all you need to know about it.

What is a Hario Skerton?

The Hario Skerton is perhaps the most notorious hand processor out there.

A couple of years back, Hario delivered an as good as ever form of it: The purported Hario Skerton ‘Professional’.

At the time it was delivered, the Skerton Pro was a fair spending alternative.

In any case, today there are only some way better alternatives accessible in this value range.

Crushing your coffee is significant because it safeguards the uprightness of your coffee beans until the last possible moment

It’s not difficult to track down pre-ground coffee or have your number one bistro or roaster crush your beans for you, yet you wind up losing some imperative flavor when you have your beans pre-ground. Regardless of whether it’s not quickly evident when the coffee is cooked, the natural mixes present in the beans start to decay, and pounding just intensifies that cycle.

Simply consider how incredible newly ground coffee smells. This is a result of those delectable oils and caramelized sugars being presented to the air at that point. The more you stand by before fermenting, the more the coffee debases, and the more flavor is lost.

For the bad-to-the-bone caffeine savage or easygoing coffee consumer the same, a coffee processor is a crucial piece of kitchenware. There are numerous alternatives available, yet some can accomplish more damage than anything else. Sharp edge processors are the most well-known and the least expensive, yet I don’t suggest them for coffee use. The cutting edges don’t give the degree of exactness needed to reliably crush to the ideal coarseness. They can likewise turn so quickly that the coffee beans are seared as they’re being pummeled.

All things considered, coffee specialists, me notwithstanding, collectively suggest manual burr processors. There are electric renditions, however, they’re regularly costly and redundant for an easygoing coffee consumer or somebody who’s simply starting their excursion into the universe of fine coffee.

That is the reason pounding your coffee is a particularly critical advance and that is the place where the Hario Skerton processor comes in. Running somewhere in the range of $45 and $60, this manual hand processor is the ideal section point without burning up all available resources.

Hario and the Grinders

Hario is a Japanese organization that is celebrated everywhere in the world for its coffee gear. The brand’s most notable item is the Hario V60 pour-over cone, however, the pots, range workers, and processors are likewise well known among claim to fame coffee shoppers.

Hario consolidates moderate and adorable Japanese feel with quality, convenience, and a decent cost. The organization delivers a few processors at this point, and you could say that the new Skerton Pro fits someplace in the upper center of their reach.

Why Choose Hario?

Be that as it may before we get into the meat of this audit we should simply speak momentarily about manual processors. Why even mess with grinding your beans in the hand, when you have a lot of electric models that are more than skilled out there? Indeed, I will give you my reasons.

Normally, electric processors are much more costly than manual processors. At the point when you purchase an electric variant, a large portion of the sticker price covers the engine and the lodging. The burrs normally are nothing terrific. That implies in crude granulating ability, you get a great deal of value for your money when buying a hand processor

Another incredible motivation to consider a manual process is that its path is simpler to carry with you when you go outdoors or go on siestas. Having a processor and a decent brewer, for example, the AeroPress, with you, truly makes your excursion quite a lot more fun. Trust me on this one!

So, even though you should utilize an electric processor consistently – after the entirety of its path is simpler to simply press a catch – you ought to consider the hand wrench processor only for movement.

Hario Skerton Pro Grinder Review

In reality, the processor in itself is very basic and it comprises 4 primary parts:

You have a grounds receptacle that is secured by a silicone layer that likewise goes about as a non-slip stabilizer tangle on the off chance that you need to put it on a table while crushing.

At that point, you have the consolidated container and burr unit, where you fill in the beans.

What’s more, you have a pleasantly bent plastic top that fits consummately.

Also, ultimately, you have the better than ever metal wrench. This handle is worked to last!

Premium Feels

Hario has made a brilliant showing here. All parts fit completely together and feel strong. Other than the glass grounds receptacle, it’s difficult to perceive any of these parts break from ordinary use. It’s additionally worth referencing that an ordinary bricklayer container will fit as a ground’s canister, so should you have a mishap, it’s not the apocalypse.

Particularly the metal wrench and the bent plastic cover are decent moves up to the ones utilized in the first Skerton.


True to form from a fairly low-tech instrument, it is a hand processor that is altogether easy to use: Pour in the beans on the top, get the biceps to work, and following a moment or two you have newly ground coffee!

Contrasted with the previous age of the Skerton, this model highlights some huge upgrades with regards to ease of use.

Before the cover was made out of silicone and you kind of needed to rub it into place. The new cover has this pleasant, surprising plan, so it nearly secures set up right away.

The wrench handle has likewise been refreshed. Presently it secures by being put on an Allen wrench.

As far as I might be concerned, it’s no issue holding the processor in one hand and turning the handle with the other. Notwithstanding, if you have minuscule hands it very well may be more agreeable over the long haul with a slimmer processor.

Grind Adjustment

Changing the granulate setting of the old Hario Skerton was muddled. You needed to remove the cover and an exceptional locking ring and afterward turn a handle. Not exclusively was this excessively confounded, but since you didn’t get any material criticism it was a path harder to explore the settings.

What the new Skerton Pro has done is to get the framework from another Hario model – the Hario Slim Mini Mill.

This implies that you would now be able to change the crush setting under the burrs, by turning a little ring that gives you a little ‘click’ for each augmentation. This makes it significantly quicker and simpler to change the coarseness, when you want to go from, say, coffee to pour-over.

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How Fast Does It Grind?

The Hario Skerton Pro does good work with regards to speed.

I generally utilize 26,5 grams of coffee to 400 grams of water for my every day pour-over coffee and the processor had the option to pound that on a medium-fine setting in 1 moment and 22 seconds (see the image beneath).

(Update 2020: For correlation, the 1Zpresso Jx grinds a similar measure of coffee in around 35 seconds. So by current norms the Skerton Pro is fairly moderate.)

This processor certainly granulates fine enough for coffee. Simply be ready for some work. It takes me around 2 minutes to crush 14 grams of ultra-fine coffee grounds.

I tried the processor close to its younger sibling, the Hario Slim and the OE Lido 3, and true to form it was someplace in the middle of these two. The Lido 3 was quicker, yet not however much you may think.

Grind Consistency

Fines now and then get an awful rep; however, a little sum doesn’t influence the brew that much. I have discovered that I have had the option to brew on gadgets, for example, the Hario V60 and Clever Dripper with no issues with over-extraction or an obstructed channel.

Contrasted with the old Skerton the granulate for French Press is likewise significantly more uniform. The new plan of the lodging implies that the burrs wobble less on the coarser range.

I was astounded that the Skerton crushes so well for coffee. At its best, it pounds excessively fine, so it will stop up the portafilter if you don’t locate the correct setting.

It’s conceivable to utilize the Skerton Pro for movement with this little hack: The grounds canister has precisely the same measurement as an artisan container, so you can undoubtedly locate a more modest one made of plastic.

With a little plastic container, this processor is just a sum of 265 grams, while the Hario Slim is 245 grams. For those 20 grams extra, you get a processor that is much quicker and more modest in stature shrewd.


A couple of years prior there weren’t numerous acceptable hand processes in this value range.

These days, in any case, you have alternatives from 1zPresso and Time more that essentially destroy the Hario processor.

Hence, I recommend that you broaden your spending plan simply a smidgen and go for one of those models with genuine metal rollers and steel burrs all things being equal. In everyday use, it’s simply such a lot more pleasant.

The Final Verdict

The Hario Skerton Pro offers good grinding, decent form quality, and a bubbly plan at a spending cost.

Yet today this plan worldview is kind of obsolete, and thus I don’t suggest the Hario Skerton Pro any longer.

It’s a pleasant piece of coffee history, however shockingly simply that.

In this brief guide, we reviewed the “Hario manual coffee grinder” discussing all you need to know about it.





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