Green Chef vs Sunbasket (+11 Features of each)

In this detailed post, we will be checking out two great meal kit delivery services which are highly popular in the market today. Green Chef and Sunbasket have been delivering delicious and healthy meal kits to customers for years now. The meal kits in these platforms are known for their organic ingredients and nutritious recipes.

In the end, we will give you our opinions on which of these two may be the better choice based on first-hand experiences.

Green Chef vs Sunbasket

The table below will show you the main features and characteristics which are present in Green Chef as well as those in Sunbasket. We have also shown you the price ranges of the meals in these meal kit delivery services, along with their delivery ranges and types of cuisines which you can expect to find in them.

 Feature  Green Chef Sunbasket
 Delivery areas  98% of the United States aside from Alaska & Hawaii & parts of LouisianaUnited Kingdom 98% of the United States aside from Alaska & Hawaii
 Price range  $11.99 to $13.49 per serving  $10.99 to $13.99 per serving
 Price per plate  $11.99 per plate $11.49 per plate
 Difficulty levels  Easy,Intermediate,Expert Easy,Intermediate,Expert 
 Avg. cooking time  15 – 40 minutes per meal Up to 50 minutes
 Avg. calorie count  600-800 calories per serving 650 calories per serving
 Supporting material  Nutritional facts,Recipe cards,Helpful footnotes,Mobile app  Meal description,Nutritional fact,Recipe cards 
 Recipes supported  Keto + Paleo,Plant-powered,Balanced Living,Gluten Free,Mediterranean,Fast & Fit,Vegan  Soy-free,Gluten-free,Protein plus,Vegetarian,Calorie-conscious 
 No. of choices  24 per week 17 per week
 Introductory deal  $135 off for first 5 boxes $90 off + 1 free gift
 Avg. shelf life  5 days after arrival,3 days for seafood 5 days for meat,3 days for seafood 

Types of Plans: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Green Chef  Sunbasket 
 Two-Person box $12.99 per portion + $9.99 shipping, 3 or 4 meals per week  Fresh & Ready Meal plan $9.99 – $17.99 per meal + shipping charges,Serves 1,Only needs to be heated 
 Four-Person box $12.99 per portion + $9.99 shipping, 2 or 3 or 4 meals per week   Quick & Easy plan $12 – $18 per serving + shipping charges,Prepared in 10 minutes,Require only a single plan  
 Six-Person box $11.99 per portion + $9.99 shipping, 3 or 4 meals per week  Lean & Clean $12 – $18 per serving + shipping charges,Calorie-conscious meals,Contains lean meat and seafood 

In Green Chef, the customer can choose among various sized boxes based on the needs and requirements of their families. The meal boxes in Green Chef contain recipes which cover many delicious and healthy cuisines like the Mediterranean diet and can also easily cater to fad-diets like keto diets and paleo diets.

Sunbasket also offers a number of options for its customers to choose from. The meal plans in Sunbasket not only include the standard meal kits which require quite a bit of effort in the kitchen, but even the quick and easy plan which require even less work in the kitchen. For those who are planning to eat healthy and clean, Sunbasket has a lean and clean plan.

Winner: Green Chef wins the Types of Plans segment.

Types of Ingredients: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

  Ingredient type   Green Chef  Sunbasket
 Produce   Fully organic produce,No GMOs or pesticides Organic fresh produce,Seasonal ingredients
 Meat, eggs, fish  USDA certified meat,Sustainably sourced ingredients,Antibiotic free   Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free,Sustainably-sourced seafood 
 Other ingredients  Pre-made sauces,Marinades,Spice blends  Seasonings,Marinades,Spice rubs,Sauces 

Green Chef and Sunbasket, both take the sourcing of their ingredients very seriously. The produce and greens in both these meal kit delivery services are completely organic and free of any GMOs. The meat and poultry are fully USDA certified and come from grass-fed and hormone-free animals and birds.

The seafood used in these meal kits come from sustainable sources. Green Chef and Sunbasket also tend to prefer seasonal goodies above other types of produce, since these contain more flavors and can be grown more naturally. The meal kits come with the required seasonings and spices for the customer to use while cooking.

Winner: Green Chef and Sunbasket wins the Types of Ingredients segment.

Add-Ons: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Green Chef Sunbasket 
 Juice,Gluten-free bread,Oatmeal cups,Bone broth,Yogurt,Pastas,Soups  Grocery items,Breakfast,Lunch,Snacks 

Users of Green Chef can add more items to their meal boxes, to get more fulfilling foods during the week. The add-on options in Green Chef include sugar-free refreshing juices along with gluten-free bread, which can be a staple in many IBS households. In addition to these, healthy pastas and soups are also available, which can add more courses to any meal.

Sunbasket also offers a number of add-on options for its customers. In this meal kit delivery service, the user can add breakfast items and even lunch items to their meal boxes so that they are taken care of throughout the day. Furthermore, Sunbasket allows essential grocery items to be added to their carts.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Add-ons segment.

Packaging of Meal kit: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Green Chef Sunbasket 
 Meal box,Cold Packs,BPA free plastic bags,Recipe cards Box,Paper insulation,Bags,Denim insulation,Ice packs,Fiber trays and sleeves,Recipe cards,Egg containers 
 Fully recyclable  Fully recyclable 

The packaging of the meal kits in Green Chef are easily recyclable and even contain reusable elements which can be cleaned and used over and over again. Green Chef also encourages the users to reuse their packaging as much as they can in order to practice more sustainability. The meal boxes are insulated with denim cotton in order to preserve the freshness of the food.

Sunbasket is another meal kit delivery service which takes the packaging of its meal kits very seriously. The meal kits come insulated with denim cotton and paper. The ingredients are also packed with ice packs which contain a non-toxic gel which can be simply mixed with the soil to help plants grow, or even disposed of in the trash directly.

Winner: Green Chef and Sunbasket win the Packaging of Meal kit segment.

Customer Support: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Feature  Green Chef Sunbasket
 Chat support  + +
 Email support  – +
 Phone support  + + 
 Availability  All days of the week All days of the week

Green Chef has a great customer support system for its users. The customer support of Green Chef can be reached through live chat which is the best and the easiest way. As an alternative, the customer can choose to reach out through phone support as well. The customer support of Green Chef is present on all days of the week.

Sunbasket also has a great customer support system. The customer support in Sunbasket is best reached through live chat, which is available on all days of the year. There is also email support in this meal kit delivery service. Those who prefer talking with someone can use any one of several phone numbers in Sunbasket.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Customer Support segment.

Sample Meals: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Sample  Green Chef Sunbasket
 Sample 1  Name: Spicy Chili-Ginger Chicken Kale SaladPreparation time: 20 minsSpice level: MediumDifficulty: Easy  Name: Black Angus rib-eyes with romesco and artichoke-olive saladPreparation time: 15 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy 
 Sample  2  Name: Lemon-Basil Caper PorkPreparation time: 35 minsSpice level: MediumDifficulty: Intermediate  Name: Vietnamese shaking beefPreparation time: 25-35 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy 
 Sample  3   Name: Beef Tenderloin with Savory Mushroom SaucePreparation time: 30 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Intermediate  Name: Seared pork with blueberry-apricot sauce and sautéed greensPreparation time: 20 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy 

The types of recipes in Green Chef cover numerous cuisines and even come in different difficulty levels. And therefore, both those who are novices in the kitchen and even those who are cooking experts are going to love this meal kit delivery service. The spice levels of the dishes also differ to cater to the palate preferences of different users.

Sunbasket’s recipes also vary in their difficulty level, but most of the recipes can be even attempted by those who do not know their right from their left in the kitchen. The recipes in Sunbasket can be cooked within about 30 minutes and only need a few steps to be done. The recipes star different ingredients like meat, poultry and even veggies.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Sample Meals segment.

App rating: Green Chef vs Sunbasket

 Platform Green Chef  Sunbasket 
 Google Play Store 4.6 4.5 
 Apple App Store  4.8 4.7
 TWP Rating  4/5 4.5/5

Final Verdict: The winner is Sunbasket with its numerous recipes and high customer satisfaction.

Green Chef is one of very few meal kit delivery services which fully contains organic ingredients and healthy choices of recipes. In this meal kit delivery service, the customer can find numerous options for healthy everyday eating, while spending very little time and effort in the kitchen. Green Chef also follows various diets and cuisines to bring the right balance of nutrients.

Sunbasket is the go-to option for many who want to eat only organic and GMO-free foods on a daily basis. This meal kit delivery service stars a range of ingredients which come with tasty and delicious recipes. Furthermore, Sunbasket also has fully prepared meals which only need a little heating.

When we compare Green Chef and Sunbasket, the latter takes the crown. Sunbasket not only offers meal kits and recipes, but even fully cooked meals along with a wide variety of add-ons. Therefore, this meal kit delivery service can easily fulfill the dietary needs and requirements of the entire family throughout the week.


To bring you the best reviews of each and every meal delivery service, we spoke to testers and real life users, reviewed the information provided by each service on their respective websites, carried out primary research on social media platforms and checked out the user reviews of these platforms on various social media sites. We have also used the reviews presented by current users of these services on their respective Google and Apple apps.

We are currently conducting our own internal review and we will update this page with videos and pictures of our experiences. If they differ extensively from what our external reviewers said then we will update this post so you get both points of views and can decide which service provider is more suited to your needs based on the information above.

The main types of criteria which we have used in order to assess and evaluate these meal delivery services is the simplicity of the recipes, the variety of meals in the service, the inclusiveness of diets and cuisines and even the supporting material.

In addition to these, we have also taken into regard the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging of these services. Lastly, we have also considered the delivery services and customer services of these platforms.

Frequently asked questions: “Green Chef vs Sunbasket”

Can you lose weight eating Green Chef?

No, you cannot lose weight eating Green Chef. While there are certain recipes in Green Chef which are touted to be low in calories and may aid in weight loss, there are no specific weight loss plans here.

Does Green Chef include meat?

Yes, Green Chef includes meat. The meat, as well as the poultry in Green Chef, comes from grass-fed and hormone-free animals and birds, and is thus safe to consume on a long-term basis. The seafood in Green Chef meal kits comes from sustainable sources which is a lot more environmentally-friendly.

Is Sunbasket ethical?

Yes, Sunbasket is ethical. The ingredients in Sunbasket are completely organic and GMO-free and come straight from family-run farms which are guaranteed to use only safe farming practices.

If you like this post, please leave your comments and questions below.

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