Does watermelon go bad?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “does watermelon go bad?” We will discuss the shelf life of watermelon as well as the best ways of storing them.

Does watermelon go bad?

Watermelon, like most other fruits and vegetables, may deteriorate rapidly. Pre-cut watermelon containers were always labeled with an expiry date, which you should adhere to as strictly as possible. Unfortunately, rotten watermelon may seem and smell normal, but its sour flavor indicates that it has gone bad and cannot be eaten.

Always remember, that if you keep this fruit whole and chop it only before eating it, the quality of the fruit will be better preserved. If you want to keep it for an extended time, it is advised to keep it at cooler temperatures.

What is the shelf life of watermelon?

Watermelon, like any other fruit, does not keep for an extended time. However, you may store the entire fruit at room temperature for approximately a week, or even up to 10 days in certain instances, without danger of spoiling it. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will likely last for three weeks.

Unfortunately, after you have sliced your watermelon, you must consume it within a day or store it in the fridge for three to five days, based on its original freshness, the time of harvesting, how it was kept before purchase, and any extra treatment you have done to it. The only way to keep watermelon fresh for an extended length of time is to keep it frozen.

How Long Does Watermelon Last (Chart)
WatermelonRoom temperatureFridgeFreezer
Whole7 to 10 days3 weeksOne year
CutOne day4 to 5 days10 to 12 months

Once you have sliced the watermelon into slices, be sure to carefully wrap and store any leftovers in the refrigerator. Smaller pieces of fruit should be stored in a zip lock bag or an airtight container, while larger portions should be wrapped firmly in plastic or aluminum wrap. You will be able to savor your delicacy for a longer time.

How to Tell If Your Watermelon Is Bad?

Always adhere to the watermelon storage life guidelines to prevent any unpleasant shocks later on. It is particularly important if you are purchasing pre-cut fruit.

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Can you freeze watermelon?

Nitrates Are Present In The Environment

Testing for nitrates in watermelon is a great way to determine whether or not the fruit is still fresh and has fully ripened from the ground up. Watermelons with yellow skin and an interior that has white stripes should be avoided at all costs.

It has been shown that mashing a little pulp and adding it to a cup of water is the most effective technique. A healthy fruit will cause water to become murky if it is consumed. In contrast, watermelon with a high concentration of nitrates will cause the water to become blood-red. It is preferable to stay away from it.

Its texture 

 A shriveled, grainy, dry, squishy, or sticky fruit flesh is a tell-tale indication that you have a rotten watermelon on your hands.


 Observe the smell. If the watermelon has developed a bad odor or a vinegar-like smell, it has gone bad.


 A sour taste, rather than a refreshing, sweet, and juicy flavor, will indicate that the watermelon has gone bad, and you should avoid eating it.

Hollow center 

This indicates that the watermelon is mushy or that it carries growth hormones, which can be toxic if consumed.

How To Keep Watermelon Fresh?

When you get home, you may keep the fruit either in the cupboard or in the refrigerator depending on your preference. In general, the colder the storage location should be, the longer you anticipate it to stay there.

For the time being, if you intend to chop it up the same day you purchase it or the following day, you may leave it out on the counter. If you are not certain when you will be eating it, it is best to store it in the refrigerator.

The remaining watermelon slices should be stored in the refrigerator once they have been cut into slices.

Make sure to cover it securely if you want to store it in the fridge for more than a day or so. Using plastic or metal wrap will suffice if the portion is a half or maybe a quarter. For smaller parts, sealed jars or resealable pouches may be used for plastic bags.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “does watermelon go bad?”. We also discussed the shelf life of watermelon as well as the best ways of storing them.


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