Does Uber Eats track mileage? (+3 Essentials for drivers)

This post will explain if Uber Eats tracks mileage. We will also be checking out some ways through which Uber Eats drivers can reduce their expenses and also increase their earnings while on this gig. Furthermore, we will be listing a few essential items that every Uber Eats driver must consider carrying with them at all times.

Does Uber Eats track mileage?

Yes, Uber Eats tracks mileage. The mileage tracked by the Uber Eats Driver’s app includes the miles that the driver has completed while driving the vehicle and even waiting for the next delivery request. If you want to know the miles that have been tracked by Uber Eats, you can go to the Tax Information Tab in the Driver’s app.

How can Uber Eats drivers make more money?

There are certainly numerous ways through which Uber Eats drivers can make a lot more money on their gig. A few ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more while delivering food orders have been explained as follows.

By tracking expenses

A main factor that every Uber Eats driver must follow is keeping track of their expenses. Many of the expenses incurred by the delivery drivers can be easily written off during taxes. The Uber Eats Driver app does track the mileage of the delivery driver but it is also important for them to keep a track of these using an app or doing it manually.

By referring other drivers

When an Uber Eats driver refers someone else to the job, they are given a certain amount which will reflect in their earnings. However, this happens only if the referred driver has started the gig and has completed a certain number of hours on the job. Uber Eats has always been known to have a driver shortage, so this method can bring an assured income to any delivery driver.

By using a food delivery bag

Delivery drivers in Uber Eats can also use a food delivery bag to carry the order to the customer. While this food delivery bag can seem like the driver needs to spend a few bucks, it will assure earnings in the long run. By using a food delivery bag, the customer’s order is kept hot and fresh even if the distance from the restaurant is long. This can reflect positively on the driver’s tips.

By driving during peak hours

Delivery drivers can also earn a lot more by driving during peak hours. Peak hours can vary from city to city, but are usually the lunch hours and evenings during weekends. Uber Eats multiplies the pay rate for the delivery drivers during these peak hours and thus they are bound to earn a lot more in these hours rather than other hours.

By driving during Boost Promotions

Uber Eats also comes up with Boost Promotions which occur when certain events are happening in town. These events can be ball games and even rock concerts when the food delivery demand is bound to go up. The pay rate can be multiplied by up to three times and thus the delivery driver can easily earn a lot more during these times than others.

By being near a hotspot

The Uber Eats drivers can also earn more money by being near a hotspot. Hotspots are areas which have a large percentage of restaurants. By being near these hotspots, the delivery drivers are guaranteed more delivery requests which will reflect greatly on their earnings. Some hotspots like strip malls are pretty obvious while some may need local knowledge.

By practicing great customer service

Uber Eats drivers should also remember to practice great customer service with their customers. This means being kind and courteous while talking to the customer at all times. It also means alerting them well-ahead of time in case of any delays or problems during the food delivery process.

By increasing ratings by merchants

While most Uber Eats drivers do practice great service with their customers, some of them forget to do this at the restaurant while picking up the food order. However, they should remember that the restaurant merchant also gives a rating to the driver which can affect their rankings in Uber Pro.

By choosing a bicycle

A major chunk of the expenses faced by the Uber Eats driver comes in the form of gas. This is only for those who are using a car, a scooter or a motorbike to deliver the orders. If the Uber Eats driver wants to save money, they should consider getting a bicycle for their deliveries. When they pick this option, Uber Eats will automatically give closer orders to fulfill.

Essential items for Uber Eats drivers

While they are on their route, Uber Eats drivers should consider keeping a few things with them on their person, such as,

  • A bottle of water in case they get dehydrated. Some Uber Eats drivers give complimentary bottles of water to their customers.
  • A flashlight if they are considering making deliveries late at night. This can be even used to light up dark hall-ways and alleys.
  • Sensible shoes which can reduce the levels of pains and aches that come along with the delivery gig.


This post has explained if Uber Eats tracks mileage. We have also checked out some ways through which Uber Eats drivers can reduce their expenses and also increase their earnings while on this gig. Furthermore, we have listed a few essential items that every Uber Eats driver must consider carrying with them at all times.

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