Does Uber Eats make more than Instacart? (+5 Features of both)

This post will discuss if Uber Eats makes more than Instacart. In addition to this, we will check out the best and most unique features that are present in Uber Eats. Similarly, we will mention the various features or characteristics that are present in Instacart. More and more people are buying their food as well as groceries through On-Demand delivery apps.

Does Uber Eats make more than Instacart?

Yes, Uber Eats makes more than Instacart. The revenue that Uber Eats made in 2021 was $8.3 billion while the revenue that Instacart made in the same year was only $1.8 billion. This is mainly due to the placement of both the companies. While Uber Eats operates in more than 45 countries, Instacart is only available in the United States and Canada.

Best features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a variety of features that make it one of the most popular On-Demand food delivery apps in the world today. Some of the best features that are present in Uber Eat have been described in detail below.

Uber Eats allows orders to be placed in advance

Uber Eats has a scheduled ordering feature through which orders can be placed much in advance. The orders in Uber Eats can be placed up to seven days beforehand. Once the order has been placed, the customer will receive notifications of the same through push alerts. The scheduled orders are also free of ‘Busy fees’ if they have been placed during non-peak hours.

Group orders can be placed as well

Group orders can also be placed in Uber Eats. One member of the group can create a group order in Uber Eats to which the other members can easily add their items. The bill can be easily split between the various members of the group. The items in the group order all arrive together so that the group members can enjoy their meals at the same time.

Customers can use various payment methods

There are also a variety of payment methods in Uber Eats. Users can opt to pay for their food orders through credit cards, debit cards and even online banking options. Cash on delivery is also an option in certain countries. These days, digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay can also be used to pay for the food order.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats. The user simply has to pick a location on the map that is given after which they will be shown the different restaurants that are operating in the nearby area. This feature tends to be pretty popular among foodies who like to tick off their bucket lists of food options in a certain locality.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats also has the Uber One membership. This membership can be purchased at a price of $9.99 for every month or $99.99 for the whole year. The main advantage that members of Uber One can experience is zero delivery charges on all orders that cross the minimum limit. In addition to this, they will get frequent offers and discounts.

Best features of Instacart

Instacart is perhaps the most highly-rated grocery delivery app in the United States today. Its popularity has multiplied greatly after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the best features that are present in Instacart have been described as follows.

Instacart has a Dollar Store Hub

There is a Dollar Store Hub in Instacart which makes it even more popular than it already is. This grocery-delivery platform has partnered with not only grocery and convenience stores but also Dollar Stores which can help customers save even more money. This not only includes the Dollar Store but also similar stores like the 99 Cents Only store and the Family Dollar.

It has the ‘fast and flexible’ feature

There is also a ‘fast and flexible’ feature in Instacart that has been newly introduced. Through the ‘fast and flexible’ feature, the customers are shown several dates for their grocery delivery. This can make the ordering process quicker for those who want their groceries immediately while giving more options for those who want a much later delivery.

It has the ‘extended order-ahead’ feature

The ‘extended order-ahead’ feature in Instacart allows the users to plan their orders over a course of time. The time limit is set at two weeks in Instacart. Through this feature, the user can slowly add or subtract items based on how their week is looking and also have the money ready for the groceries.

It has in-store navigation for shoppers

In addition to improving the experience for users, Instacart makes the experience pretty great for shoppers as well. To make it easier for them to pick up the necessary items, Instacart has an in-store navigation system through which the shopper is shown the various item locations in the store.

It also has a safety toolkit for shoppers

There is also a safety toolkit for shoppers in Instacart so that they are safe even during harmful situations which can arise at times. This toolkit has features like emergency calling, safety alerts and even a feature for reporting an incident.


This post has discussed if Uber Eats makes more than Instacart. In addition to this, we have checked out the best and most unique features that are present in Uber Eats. Similarly, we have mentioned the various features or characteristics that are present in Instacart.

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