Does Uber Eats have Indian? (+7 Uber Eats features)

In this post, we will answer if Uber Eats has Indian food. We will also look at the various other features that Uber Eats offers to its customers. Lastly, we will mention a few tips that readers can use to make their Uber Eats experience much better. Uber Eats operates in more than 45 countries, including India, but exited India in 2020.

Does Uber Eats have Indian?

Yes, Uber Eats has Indian as well as many other cuisine types. This includes Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, in addition to many other cuisines. The large variety that is available in Uber Eats is one of the main selling factors in this food delivery app. Uber Eats also has restaurants and options that can serve specific nutritional requirements such as gluten-free, sugar free, etc.

Features available in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a large number of features that can be pretty advantageous for any user from anywhere. While there are several features in Uber Eats that are found in other On-Demand food delivery apps, there are many more that are pretty unique to it. Some of the best features of Uber Eats have been discussed in the section as follows.

Uber Eats allows scheduled orders

Uber Eats allows users to schedule their orders much in advance, before they even need it so that they can consume it at a much later time. Uber Eats allows orders to be scheduled up to seven days in advance after which the user will be updated about the proceedings through live tracking and push notifications.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature that is present in Uber Eats. By choosing a certain location on the map given in Uber Eats, the user will be able to see the various restaurants and eateries in the nearby area. This can be great for those who want a quick delivery or even those who are looking for easier pick-up options.

It allows live tracking and push notifications

Once the customer has placed an order in Uber Eats, they will be able to track their order through the live tracking feature that is present in the app. Unlike other food delivery apps, Uber Eat has an in-built map feature that can be even more reliable. In addition to the live tracking, the customer will also get regular updates through push notifications.

It permits payments through multiple methods

Uber Eats also allows payments through multiple methods. Customers can choose to pay for their food using a credit card, a debit card or even online banking. In addition to this, Uber Eats also allows digital wallets like Apple pay and Google pay to be used for the payment. Uber Cash can also be used by the customer to pay for their orders.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats also gives out an Uber One membership to those users who want to use the app on a regular basis. The Uber one membership costs a fee of $9.99 for every month and $99.99 for a whole year. Through this membership, the customer can enjoy several benefits, the most useful one being the zero delivery charges applied to an unlimited number of orders.

Group orders can be easily placed

Uber Eats also allows groups to easily place orders on the platform. A member of the group can create a group order in Uber Eats after which all the items will arrive together. The bill in the group order can be paid for by one person but can also be easily split between the members through the bill-splitting feature.

It uses artificial intelligence

Uber Eats makes it even easier for customers to find what they want by means of artificial intelligence. This food-delivery app uses the data in the past ordering history of the customer to give them the right recommendations and suggestions. The customer will also be suggested loyalty programs to favorite restaurants based on their previous orders.

Tips to use in Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a very simple tool to use but can be quite expensive if used in the long run. Some tips that users can use in Uber Eats to save money as well as create a better experience here have been described in the points below.

Avoid the unnecessary fees

Uber Eats has fees that are applied to every order and even fees that are applied in only certain conditions. Some of these can be easily avoided and can help users save a lot of money. For example, the small order fee can be avoided by adding more items to the cart while the delivery adjustment fee can be avoided by ensuring the right order along with sides is being placed.

Get an Uber One membership

This might seem like the customer is paying a lot of money but can be quite economical as the user does not have to pay any delivery fees for an unlimited number of orders. The user can also save even more money by getting a yearly membership which can be availed at $99.99.

Use the scheduled order feature

Scheduled orders in Uber Eats can be quite a wise decision. These orders are placed much in advance and can involve multiple restaurants. In addition to this, the scheduled order will be free of any busy fee even if the delivery takes place during peak hours, as long as the order has been placed much beforehand.


In this post, we have answered if Uber Eats has Indian food. We have also looked at the various other features that Uber Eats offers to its customers. Lastly, we have mentioned a few tips that readers can use to make their Uber Eats experience much better.

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