Does Thai Curry Paste Go Bad?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Does Thai Curry Paste Go Bad?” and will discuss how long Thai curry paste can last opened and unopened.

Does Thai Curry Paste Go Bad?

Yes, Thai curry paste can go bad. Once opened, Thai curry paste will go bad, so use it up within two weeks and store it in the fridge. However, it should last for a few more months. Unopened Thai curry paste, on the other hand, will remain fresh for up to three years after purchase.

Thai curry paste has a shelf life of how long?

When properly kept, most canned foods may last for over a decade. This is a popular assertion; however, how true it varies widely depending on the manufacturer that sealed the jar. When kept in an unopened container, Thai curry paste may keep for many years.

If you store your curry paste in a hot, humid area, it may not perform to your expectations. Despite this, you’d be able to use it for a few more years. Thai curry paste should be kept in a cool, dry location away from heat and moisture. The ideal storage solution is a kitchen pantry or cabinet with a door.

Bacteria thrive in conditions that are both moist and warm. However, even if the jar is airtight and sealed, germs will be unable to develop, and you do not want the contents to get rancid and stale as a result of being exposed to too much heat.

If you keep an unopened jar of Thai curry paste for an extended period, you run the risk of two things:

  • The jar’s metal may corrode over time. Humidity, rain, or other moisture in contact with metal lids increases the likelihood of rust. Unfortunately, when it gets into the paste, it may be very harmful.
  • Loss of pressure and destruction of the airtight seal is the result of punctures. If you’re going to consume unopened Thai curry from an old jar, make sure it’s free of holes and punctures before you eat it.

Once opened, how long does Thai curry paste last?

Thai curry paste has a short shelf life after it’s been opened. The taste of the paste will last for approximately two weeks before it begins to fade. Depending on the brand and the ingredients, several kinds of Thai curry paste will keep for up to 4 weeks once opened

As a test, I’ve been using the Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste that I opened over two months ago and it’s still good. 

Once the expiry date has passed, you’ll notice that the taste of unsealed jars of Thai curry has changed. It goes from tasting good to tasting flat as if the flavor has vanished completely. You may, however, find that it’s becoming more sour or unappealing to consume.

Thai curry paste also contains a lot of moisture, which is a concern. Because of the high moisture content, Thai curry paste should be refrigerated within two hours after opening to prevent bacterial development. This limit is in place to protect consumers from food poisoning, as is the case with the majority of other restrictions.

In addition, glass jars are preferable to plastic cans and bottles for storing Thai curry paste. Plastic will likely leak into the paste and alter the taste. Because glass does not leach, there will be no flavor difference.

Is Thai curry paste perishable or susceptible to mold growth?

When it comes to food safety, Thai curry paste is well-known for having a longer shelf life. It’s no secret that the first thing to disappear will be the taste. The first step in spoiling is having a staling problem. Inevitably, food deterioration leads to the growth of mold on the surface. However, if you keep it refrigerated, it may take months or even a year.

Due to the high moisture content of Thai curry paste, mold growth is possible, making it dangerous to eat. Using the paste after removing the mold is an option for some, however, doing so is not advised due to the potential health risks.

The good news is that you may be able to get a little more use out of the curry before it goes bad. Refrigerator drawers with temperature and humidity controls help preserve canned and jarred foods for longer. If you have Thai curry paste in your fridge, try keeping it in one of these drawers.

After all, you shouldn’t consume Thai curry paste if the taste or color has changed. Food poisoning is a possibility even if you figure out a way to avoid it.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Does Thai Curry Paste Go Bad?” and discussed how long Thai curry paste can last opened and unopened.


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