Does sugary coffee interfere with my diet?

In this text we will discuss whether adding sugar to coffee interferes with your diet, as well as the benefits of drinking sugar-free coffee. In addition, we will explain why you should start drinking coffee without sugar.

Does sugary coffee interfere with my diet?

If in your routine, you have a coffee a day, probably not. But if you take three or more, you could be adding more calories to your day and accumulating over 1600 calories a month. 

If you include the caloric side dishes, which usually come with coffee – such as whipped cream, buttery biscuit, chocolate chip, cake, sugary dehydrated cones – this increase in calories can be even greater!

Coffee tasting must be done without sugar. The substance alters the natural flavor of the drink and “masks” both the imperfections and the qualities of the coffee.

However, if you drink coffee occasionally, it can be sweetened according to your consumption profile.

In fact, the choice of sugar in coffee is very personal and depends on how the person “learned” to drink the beverage. But the ideal is to consume without sweetening. Habit will make you start to discover aromas and flavors that sugar hides.

Why drink coffee without sugar?

Decreases the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a reality for millions of Brazilians and a risk we run when we don’t control blood sugar levels.

Not consuming coffee with sugar is a great way to control the cravings we feel for sweets. This happens because of the very way that sugar acts in our body: it stimulates a cycle in which, when consumed, our body feels like consuming it again.

Thus, consuming coffee without sugar — or sweetener — is much healthier and helps us to balance our blood glucose levels by decreasing our desire to consume more sugar.

Coffee takes away hunger and helps you lose weight

As a stimulant, coffee can help speed up your metabolism, making it work better.

In addition, coffee reduces hunger because caffeine and natural antioxidants bring a feeling of well-being and fullness. But for these benefits to be total, coffee must be consumed pure, since sugar considerably increases our appetite, in addition to being caloric.

It’s more pleasurable

Sugar, when used to sweeten coffee, interferes with its flavor, making us not able to fully appreciate the taste of the drink, especially in gourmet and specialty coffees, which have different grain, body, roasting, grinding, aroma and flavor.

When we drink coffee without sugar, we can enjoy the flavor of the drink and notice the differences between beans and their many flavors.

What are the tips for drinking coffee without sugar?

Coffee has many health and body benefits. Sugar, however, can interfere a little with these good effects. Therefore, drinking coffee without sugar is a way to maximize the benefits that the drink offers. Among these benefits of coffee are stress relief, encouragement of digestion and even help with weight loss.

But if you are used to your sweet drink, how can you drink coffee without sugar? A few small steps can help you a lot in creating this habit.

The quality of the coffee

The quality of the coffee directly affects the taste of the drink. Specialty coffee is the best quality coffee available on the market. 

They are composed of flawless and flawless grains. It also has a different roasting work and it is very easy to find beans, so that the consumer can grind on the spot. 

This ensures that there is only coffee inside the package, with no impurities. Choosing coffees that have a high sweetness is a good step to give up sugar for good.

Use milks and vegetable drinks

Mixing milk and coffee is often used to soften the pronounced bitterness of traditional coffee.

Steamed milk brings a wonderful sweetness and goes very well with the special coffee, highlighting the best that each one has in the cup.

Vegetable milks combine a lot with coffee and have already become part of the menu of many coffee shops around the world, mainly attracting the attention of vegetarians. The harmonization of coffee with vegetable drinks can be made with the most varied types of milk.

Go slow

Gradually remove the sugar from the coffee. For example, if you use 2 scoops of sugar per cup of coffee, start by reducing the first week to 1.5 scoops, the second week to 1 scoop, and so on. There will come a time when you will find the taste of the drink very attractive and you will no longer need sugar.

Is coffee with sugar bad for health?

If you’re part of the team that abuses sugar when sweetening a drink or doesn’t dispense soda during a meal, be careful! According to a recent survey released by the American Heart Association, sugary coffee, teas, juices and sodas can potentially increase the risk of premature death.

The use of sugar in coffee increases the caloric value of the drink, which can interfere with your diet. Sweetened coffee, depending on the amount, can be the villain of your diet. The ideal is to consume black coffee, that is, without sugar or sweeteners, to get the benefits of this drink.

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In this text we discussed whether adding sugar to coffee interferes with your diet, as well as the benefits of drinking sugar-free coffee. In addition, we explained why you should start drinking coffee without sugar.