Does Starbucks sell ground coffee?

In this text we will answer the question: “Does Starbucks sell ground coffee?”. In addition, we will discuss all types of toast sold at Starbucks and their characteristics.

Does Starbucks sell ground coffee?

Yes, Starbucks sells ground coffee. In addition to selling coffee grounds, they grind it for you! Starbucks offers 4 grind settings namely Coffee Press, Pour Over, Coffee Brewer, and Espresso.

Starbucks coffee: what are the beans and types of roasts?

Choosing a good coffee is a multi-step process. From the brand itself, to the type of grain, grinding and roasting level.

Here we are going to talk about the types of roasts offered by Starbucks, owner of one of the most famous coffee shops in the world.

Did you know that roasting gives coffee acidity, body, aroma and flavor? Before going through this process, the coffee, which is still green, smells of fresh vegetables and sweet beans.

In order to bring the best to its customers, Starbucks has spent nearly 45 years refining this process, and we’ll talk about it next.


Starbucks works with three types of roasts: light (blonde), medium and dark.  Blonde or light roast is the lowest roast level. Here, the coffee becomes delicate and not very full-bodied. As the description of the company describes: it is a grain that gently awakens the senses and provides a tastier and more sensitive drink, with very light traces of roasting.

Veranda Blend

Inside the blonde roast we have some beans, as is the case of the Veranda blend. At the lightest level of roast, it’s a smooth-tasting coffee, with hints of lightly toasted nuts and soft cocoa.

The 100% Arabica beans in this blend were grown in Latin America. It is available in the form of roasted and ground coffee or capsules compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee shops.

Bright Sky

Still within the blonde roast we have the Bright sky. It is a smooth coffee made with Latin American beans. The light roast brings out a hint of acidity, nutty flavor, lemon notes and a pleasant, crisp finish.


Followed by the blonde, we have the medium roast, intermediate level of roasting, so to speak.

The result of this medium roast is a more velvety and balanced drink, providing a coffee for all times of the day.

Breakfast Blend

According to Starbucks, the Breakfast blend is the perfect option for you to have for breakfast.

Medium roasted, this grain is more roasted than roasted, ideal for those who prefer a drink that is not so intense, but without dispensing a grain full of character. The result is a coffee with notes of brown sugar and sweet orange. It is available at:

  • Grains
  • Toasted and ground
  • In capsules


Planting more than 1800 meters in the Andes Mountains, Colombia coffee has a succulent and robust flavor in the mouth, characteristic of the volcanic soil where it is grown. Its finish is excellent, dry and with hints of nuts.

Pike Place Roast

For those who like coffee straight or with milk, you will love the Pike Place Roast. Named after the market where the first Starbucks store was opened, this blend has a very rich yet balanced flavor. Giving you that freedom to consume it accompanied or alone.

House Blend

The last blend on the list of medium roast coffees is House. A 100% Arabica bean, with a smooth flavor and of the highest quality.


Finally, we have the dark roast, the last level of roasting at Starbucks. Italian coffees are a great example of beans with this type of roast. Starbucks’ dark roasted fruits become full-bodied, bold drinks with a more robust flavor, in addition to gaining the main characteristics of a grain with such intense roasting.


First on the list of dark roast blends is Sumatra, a grain with an intense, full-bodied and buttery body. You can barely notice the acidity in it, because of that its flavor lasts longer in the mouth. It has an earthy aroma and taste.

Caffe Verona Blend

With beans from Latin America, verona is a coffee that has a very smooth touch reminiscent of Italian Roast, that is, an intense but sweet drink. It goes so well with chocolate.

Morning joe

With notes of chocolate and dried fruits, Morning Joe is a bold coffee, complete and with a dark roast that results in a full-bodied and resistant drink. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Espresso Roast

The flavor of this espresso roast is so intense that it survives the sweetness of milk. In addition, it is a sweet grain with caramelized touches.

Italian Roast

The Blend brings an intense, rich drink with notes of caramelized sugar.

French Roast

French roast is an intense coffee, with a pure and explosive flavor in the mouth. It is available at:

  • Capsules
  • Sachets
  • Toasted and ground
  • In grains


In this text we answered the question: “Does Starbucks sell ground coffee?”. In addition, we discussed all types of toast sold at Starbucks and their characteristics.


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