Does Soda Go Bad?

In this brief study, we will answer the question, “does soda go bad?”. We will also discuss, the shelf life, and storage methods of soda.

Does Soda Go Bad?

Yes, soda does go bad and comes on the label with the best date.

Please note, this is just an approximate estimation of how long the drink will remain fresh.

The fluid is adequately shielded from the outer world as long as the jar or container is unopened. And it implies that it should persist at least another few weeks afterward.

Many individuals may discover that beverages last about 6-9 months beyond the expiry on the label. 

Naturally, you could open a Coca-Cola can which has “expired” for almost one year, and it still might be fine. Or fall upon a Pepsi bottle that is just a month old and has lost almost all of its sparkle. There are no tough and quick regulations here. 

Most fizzy drinks keep the taste and some fizz in the fridge for 4 days. Then they lose much of their fizz.

Soda (unopened)Best-by + 6 – 9 monthsBest-by + 6 – 9 months
Soda (opened) 2 – 4 days

Please note that the above timeframes are estimations.

4 Tips To Tell If Soda is Bad

Here’s how to check out if you are uncertain if your fizzy drink went wrong:

1. Fizz

Soda is packaged at high pressures to guarantee good sparkling and that crispy bubbly sound is an indication of the drink’s good freshness.

So if you grab a bottle of soda and can not make the fizz pop sound, your soda probably has turned flat.  You can still drink it, but the beverage may not be as pleasant without any of the fizz and the bubbles.

2. Save the taste.

If the beverage somehow doesn’t smell wrong and you do not detect a weird discoloration, try sipping to find out its quality. When soda is stored unused for long, it may lose its crunchy flavor

Besides an absence of crispness, soda may also have a strange flavor.  If so, the drink has lost its potency.

3. Color

Put the beverage in clean glassware and look for any significant color changes that may imply that the soda has gone beyond its peak quality. If the beverage is not that fresh, you may see some residue within the glass as well.

4. Bottle Or Condition Can

If the bottles exhibit symptoms of rusting, swelling, leaking, or cooling, you should trash carbonated beverages.

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Ways To Store Soda

The aim is to prevent the drink from becoming flat. Here are another few suggestions to assist you:

1. Store Out of Heat

Carbonated beverages at high temperatures do not perform very well. That is why drink chilled in the refrigerator may be so addicting whereas warm drink tastes bad

High temperatures cause gas to get out of the bottle and leave soda flat. The colder the soda, the higher the fluid dissolves, which helps to maintain the fizz.

A cold and dry cupboard or a refrigerator is the ideal location to keep your carbonated beverages. The cold atmosphere keeps soda at its best.

2. Seal it properly

You should put the cap back as quickly as you pour your drink. Place your leftover liquid in a container and place a lid on it.

Alternatively, after the can is open, the aluminum foil can be used to close it to preserve the remainder. Just use the rubber band to retain the foil and refrigerate it until it is ready to be used again.

4. Pouring In Smaller Bottles 

Another nice technique is to keep soda in smaller bottles. This has almost the same consequences as the pressure technique — it lowers the bottle capacity and thus decreases the quantity of gas that leaves the bottle.

5. Place it on the back

Keep your open soda longer by keeping it in the refrigerator upside down. When a bottle of pop is opened, gas rushes up and that’s why you experience the fizz sound.

The risks of consuming expired soda

If your soda has gone beyond its date of sale, you may not worry about becoming ill with it because the best part is that you will not feel sick of drinking outdated soda.

Can You freeze Soda?

It is not a smart idea to freeze your soda. Bottled soda doesn’t freeze well and that is why: when it freezes, the amount of water in the soda grows by about 9 percent. The expanding water, as the soda freezes, draws the carbon dioxide out of the soda.

Since the freezing system is enclosed and pressurized, it avoids the release of carbon dioxide which causes the bottle to explode and spritz its liquid around the freezer.


In this brief study, we answered the question, “does soda go bad?”. We also discussed, the shelf life and storage methods of soda.