Does shepherds pie have cheese

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “Does shepherd’s pie have cheese?” and answer other related questions like “Which cheese can be used in the preparation of shepherd’s pie?”

Does shepherd’s pie have cheese?

Yes, shepherd’s pie does have cheese as an ingredient.

Many types of cheese can be used for the preparation of shepherd’s pie.

Few of the commonly preferred varieties of cheese are listed below:

Parmesan cheese

Parmesan is an Italian variety of cheese. This is a type of hard and granular cheese. Parmesan cheese is made using cow’s milk. Once the cheese is fully prepared,  it is made to age for nearly 12 months. The hard grated texture gives it a nutty and fruity flavor. It is used in a variety of dishes that require grated cheese such as pasta,  pizza, etc. Parmesan cheese can also be directly eaten as a snack. It also has a very good shelf life.


Asiago cheese is quite easily available and is a lot cheaper compared to other cheese types. Specifically, aged Asiago cheese is a very good option. It is a type of melting cheese. It can also be used for dishes such as classic Italian dishes, American dishes, etc.  It has a toasted woody flavor. Its flavor becomes more prominent as it ages. Asiago is made using cow’s milk.

Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is another great variety of cheese.  This too can be easily bought from local shops and is a budget-friendly cheese. Aged Manchego is a very good option to use in the preparation of shepherd’s pie and also a variety of other dishes. It also has a very complex and rich flavor. This turns the pie into a mouth-watering dish.

Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is a very popular cheese. It has a sharp taste and smooth texture. It is most commonly used in pizza. But, it is also used in the preparation of many other dishes such as the shepherd’s pie. 

It’s usually an ingredient in a lot of different types of cheese blends. Cheddar cheese is, therefore, a very good addition to any pie. As compared to other types of cheese, it has a lower elasticity. Which is important for the preparation of a pie dish.

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is one the most popular and highly recommended cheese options for a wide range of food dishes. This is very commonly used in the preparation of the pie. One can opt for either the high moisture or low moisture variant of mozzarella. 

Unlike most cheese types, it is the least processed type. It, therefore, is always fresh and creamy. It has quickly become the cheese of choice for other styles, too. Mozzarella cheese is made using either buffalo’s milk or cow’s milk. It also has a decent shelf life. When added to the pie as a layer, it provides a saltier, dense flavor enhancing the flavors of the other ingredients present in the pie.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano is a very well-received type of cheese when baking shepherd’s pie. It is also a type of hard cheese. This has a  nutty flavor. The best feature of Grana Padano is that it is lactose-free. The production process is very extensive. When compared with other types,  it has a slightly more toned and smooth taste. 

This quality of Grana Padano makes it a perfect choice for people who are sensitive to dairy products. It is usually used directly in many dishes. Melting is not quite recommended due to the nutty taste of the cheese.


Pangrattato is a kitchen hack. A smart ingredient. This is a very versatile alternative to most varieties of cheese. The reason is that it is not real cheese. It is made using breadcrumbs, fried in oil. This is later combined and mixed with a variety of seasonings such as garlic, salt, thyme, etc. 

This is also a very cheap and highly pocket-friendly ingredient.  Even though it can’t replicate the exact flavor that cheesy or other dairy products normally exhibit, Pangrattato doesn’t fail to meet the expectations. It has a nice crunchy and savory taste. When added to any dish, it greatly enhances the deliciousness of a dish.

What is shepherd’s pie?

Shepherd’s pie is also known as cottage pie. It is a type of food dish which is prepared using ingredients such as mashed potato, minced red meat (lamb or beef), onions, gravy or sauce, and a topping of cheese. The pie is then filled with vegetables.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Does shepherd’s pie have cheese?” and answered other related questions like “Which cheese can be used in the preparation of shepherd’s pie?”