Does sambuca go bad?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “Does sambuca go bad?” and discuss how to properly store sambuca. We will also discuss how to tell if sambuca has gone bad.

Does sambuca go bad?

No, sambuca does not go bad. It can last indefinitely when stored properly. After opening, it may lose its flavor over time or may develop a bad odor but it would not be harmful if consumed. This just means that its quality has been compromised.

How to store sambuca?

Sambuca should be stored in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight. A wine cellar would be a perfect place to store it if you have one. Make sure you keep it sealed tightly at all times. After using it, put the lid or cork back in place tightly so that little or no air enters the bottle. 

How to tell if sambuca has gone bad?

As explained above, sambuca does not go bad but its quality can deteriorate if it is not stored properly especially when it has been opened. You should throw away sambuca if it smells bad, or if you see any discolorations. You can also test some of it to see if it tastes fine or not.

Does rum go bad after opening?

No, rum does not get bad after opening when stored properly. It is a strong spirit which is very stable. It will lose some of its taste overtime, but it will be years before you can tell the difference in its flavor.

How to store rum?

Unopened rum bottles should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. They should be kept in your pantry. Keep them away from sunlight and heat. Keep them away from your stovetop or appliances such as fridge which radiate heat.

Opened bottle of rum can also be kept in the pantry  however you should seal the bottle properly to make sure no oxygen comes in contact with rum. Rum oxidizes in the presence of oxygen and this will alter its taste. Since rum is very stable, this deterioration process takes place very slowly.

If your bottle is half full, then it is better to transfer the rum into another smaller bottle which can be sealed because you need to minimize the amount of oxygen coming in contact with rum.

Does port wine go bad?

Yes, port wine can go bad once opened. This is because when you open the bottle, the wine comes in contact with air. This leads to a series of chemical reactions known as oxidation. The wine will keep deteriorating over time once it has been opened even if you seal it with the cork again.

There are many different types of port wines which have a different shelf life once they have been opened and placed inside the fridge. The shelf lives of some of them are listed below.

  • White & Rose Port Wine: 2 weeks
  • Vintage Port Wine: 1 day
  • Aged Tawny Port Wine: 2 months

Port wine, except for vintage, lasts relatively longer as compared to regular wine because it has been fortified.

Find out about the different types of port wine here.

How to store port wine?

Although port wine is fortified to render it more stable, it should be stored within controlled temperature and away from light. Unopened port wine bottles should be stored in a wine cellar or pantry with temperatures between 50-68 degrees. The place should be dark.

If you want to store an unopened port wine bottle in the fridge, you can do that but do not store it for longer than 2-3 months in the fridge as port wine is temperature sensitive. Fridge can have temperature fluctuations so it might affect the quality of wine.

On the other hand, store an opened bottle of port wine in the fridge only as the cooler temperature slows down the oxidation process and so the shelf life increases.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “Does sambuca go bad?” and discussed how to properly store sambuca. We also discussed how to tell if sambuca has gone bad.


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